Where to get Rotisserie Chicken




2009 Jan 15
Better than Swiss Chalet. Chicken skin is tastier and maybe crispier? Sauce is tastier.

They have really good desserts too. Love their sugar pie!

2008 Oct 16
The Rotisserie Chicken here is always fabulous, portions are large and tasty. It is cooked well and yet at the same time it is moist, and not dried out. The skin is crispy and yummy.

"The Man" likes his chicken very well done, so they always put it on the grill for a few extra minutes... it comes to the table with those diagonal grill marks. And he has always been happy with it.

IMO St Hubert has the best Rotisserie Chicken I have ever tasted.



2008 Feb 26
The chicken here is fast and reliable. There is nothing wrong with it in my opinion, except it isn't St. Hubert (aah, those BBQ spices, and that dipping sauce).

When it comes to Rotisserie Chicken, St. Hubert rules the roost!

2006 Dec 14
I have gone to Swiss Chalet four time in my life, and each time either very grudgingly or with a "Please get me out of here" look on my face. Personnaly, I strongly dislike the chicken from this place. Everytime I have gone, it is either too dry, too wet and one time, undercooked. However, as Fresh Foodie pointed out, the chocolates are a nice touch.


2008 Jul 9
Had the Quarter Chicken Breast Dinner which comes with Fries, Bread and Dipping Sauce, as well as the AYCE Soup - Salad - Fruit Bar (SSF Bar). The chicken was a large portion, perfect on the outside, moist on the inside. Fries were standard fare. Dipping Sauce is tasty, somewheres in the middle ground between Swiss Chalet & St. Hubert. Bun is toasted hamburger round. The BONUS at Scores is the SSF Bar, it sets them apart from their competition. At $ 10-something for a Breast Quarter Chicken Dinner with all these extras the food here is a real bargain.

2008 Jun 29
I tried their Quarter Chicken (leg) ($8.95). The price includes all-you-can-eat soup, salad and fruit bar. Price is pretty good.

No difference than Swiss Chalet. But the skin was quite crispy. In fact, I prefer Scores' gravy sauce than Swiss Chalet (Swiss Chalet's gravy has way too much herbs in it and I am not a fan of it).

2008 Apr 25
The chicken is very similar to what you get at Swiss Chalet, although the pieces seem a little larger. The fries are pretty much the same too. And the chicken is served on a half hamburger bun.

The saucy gravy stuff though is very good. I'm not crazy about the herby Swiss Chalet stuff so I prefer this cup of more meaty sauce.


2009 Jul 26
It's available LWB. You just have to ask for it. It's surprisingly good.

2009 Jul 26
I came to the Superstore tonight in search of mozzarella for caprese salad (it was 7, so all the other stores were closed) and the smell of the roasted chickens got me.

Anyway, it's about $6 for a kilo (2 lbs of chicken), which is a good price for a quick family meal, or for a bachelorette meal followed by leftovers tomorrow (and Tuesday). The seasoning is pretty good, nothing too special, and I would have done for some chalet-style sauce.

All in all, I'd buy one again.