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2014 Mar 12
Yes, and the Domus Cafe is expanding to take up the space.

2014 Mar 11
I hear Domus Housewares will be closing as the owners head into retirement.

2008 Nov 24
I've bought several gifts for family, friends etc here, I always get them gift-wrapped and they are usually beautifully wrapped and the service is friendly and professional.

Sunday I picked out a gift for my nephew's birthday and requested gift wrapping. I was dismayed when I waited about 10 minutes to be handed sad little parcels that looked like something that fell off the back of a truck.

I brought it back in Monday hoping that different staff were working and I could have it quietly re-done without causing anyone any embarassment. No such luck.

I told the manager I wasn't happy with the gift wrapping and asked if it could be re-wrapped. She rather tersely asked me what was wrong with it, and I was put in the awkward position of having to justify my request with the person who had served me the day before standing right there. Awkward.
Basically the "easy" parcel, a square had been wrapped with the fold on top, the flaps folded down to the good side, and one lone skimpy ribbon circled the package awkwardly taped down. The paper had been mashed while folding so the printed underside showed.
The second parcel was just a piece of paper crumpled around the items, and taped down lopsidedly. One end had come open and the gift inside was spilling out. A large piece of the printed underside was in full view on the top of the package.

She grudgingly wrapped it, and when she handed back to me beautifully wrapped parcels that in no way resembled the sad little bundles I had brought in, she chose to end our conversation with "I still don't see what was wrong with it."
Huh? The fact that I had made a trip in with it should have been reason enough.
I've never been treated so rudely at a store, and likely never will again, because I'm done shopping here.