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The «French Quarter» is a neighbourhood in New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A.. It was established in 1718 by the French military outpost to protect their interests. Still to this day, it is the only intact French colonial settlement in the United States. This district is known for its rich and colourful cuisine with dishes as flamboyant as the culture itself.

This restaurant located on «l'Île de Hull » was named Le «French Quarter» as a tribute to the French culture and heritage.

Le French Quarter
Foods from Le French Quarter

2012 Aug 1
its true, its very expensive...but I always go back. Great drinks, always great service, love the atmosphere (never found the music too loud), and the food (especially the veal pasta) is delicious. I'm very demanding and neither my guests or I ever had any complaint. p.s. on two occasions, two separate waiters have made special cocktails for me which I really enjoyed. First time it was a gorgeous looking sangria and second visit it was the best baileys coffee ever. love this place!

2010 Nov 17
I went there with friends. The service was good, but the meat (steak) was very salted, almot not eatable. 45 minutes after we left (150$ later...) I started to feel bad. I've been sick all night and it is not a virus, because none of my friend or family (and I have a young child) were sick. I know it is the steak. I had fever wich is a good symptom of food poisonning.

So, I am not going back there. I was not impressed by the food quality anyway, neither my friends. Too expensive for what we have.

2008 Sep 27
It's a nice place, with good service and an unpretentious atmosphere, but for some god awful reason, they play easy listening (imagine excrutiating saxophone solos).

If you order the tuna, ask them not to overcook it.

2007 Nov 19
A group of us went to this place for a work lunch. The service here was excellent. I had the steak and frites, and the dish was spot on. Reasonable prices/nice setting. Whenever I go to a restaurant and come across something super delish - I have to play sleuth. In this case, the server was both polite and helpful. The establishment serves excellent rolls...but they're brought in daily from a special bakery in Montréal.

2007 Feb 27
I was there a year or two ago. This comment is probably more a story than a review... but I'll forge boldly ahead anyways. Met there with some old buddies for the start of an intoxicating night. Most of us arrived in a timely manner, and feasted upon the tasty main courses, and plentiful wine selection...but one of us phoned to say he was arriving late. With us all but finished, and not wanting our friend to arrive and have to wait for food we asked the waiter if there was a good appetizer we could all munch on, and he recommended the cheese platter. It wasn't on the menu (I think) and when it arrived we were surprised... it was the BIGGEST cheese plate I've ever seen. There were at least 4 'quarter rounds' of cheese and other blocks as well. We then decided that this was probably more expensive than a normal appetizer, and proceeded to wager what the price was, with the loser having to pay for it. Needless to say, poor Marc-Andre ended up paying. I don't remember the exact price, but it was around $30. All in all, a great night, and a funny story.

2008 Aug 18
Fantastic Creme Brulee here. Normally served with some raspberry drizzle. Beautiful presentation. When I go here for lunch for work I order a glass of red wine and Creme Brulee... Gotta save up the appetite for the good stuff!