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2011 Dec 10
Lovely evening at Brookstreet’s revamped Options Jazz Lounge. As far as I could tell the physical renovations were minimal however, the menu has changed as well as the great addition of live jazz almost every night.

We enjoyed some glasses of wine as well as the Charcuterie Platter. The platter was quite the spread ($28) - beautifully displayed on a wooden board - sausage, cheese, two patés, pickled vegetables, and some chutneys. I can’t elaborate more on what we ate exactly as unfortunately the platter was plunked down on the table without explanation. Other places around town offering this type of dish (John Taylor’s, Canvas, Murray Street, etc) all take the time to explain each individual item with great care as they usually have made most of the items in house (usually just the cheese is purchased and usually locally). I don’t doubt that this is also the case at Brookstreet so I found it strange that absolutely no details were offered (the menu says “Selection of house made terrines, charcuterie and chutney accompanied with locally sourced cheese”). We did try and prompt the server/bartender and he did eventually provide some explanation, however, I’m not sure any of it was correct as I’m positive the cheese we had was not applewood cheddar.

It was accompanied by a small bowl of crostini which was quickly devoured, we had to ask for a second bowl and although we didn’t ask, a third bowl would have been appreciated.

Despite these minor glitches, everything tasted great!

The ambience of the place is completely transformed with the live jazz – I could have easily spent more time there.

2010 Dec 20
Not sure exactly what is going on there right now, but for anyone who may be interested and gets this on time, there is something going on involving live tweeting (twitter) from several parties, with photos. Follow the hashtag #Brookstreet

2009 Jul 31

"The Man" and I were here as part of my Birthday Celebration... we dropped in after work for cocktails... ok, that was the idea, but we got side-tracked by the Wine List.


They have an excellent wine list (a big fat book infact). I ordered a glass of Trius Brut, and he an Argentinian Malbec. The Bar has a funky set up, including some low couches... we chose one near the fireplace, and met another nice couple who were in town on business and staying in the Hotel. Wines were awesome, and the service outstanding. We made a promise to come back again in the near future.

2008 Nov 10
Had lunch at Options Bar in the Brookstreet Hotel on Saturday. It was incredible! My husband and I ordered different sandwiches and then shared so we each had half of two kinds. Both came with waffle cut fries and salad. The fries were suberb, crunchy and crispy from all the nooks and crannies, but you could still actually detect that they were made from potato on the inside.

I had a roast chicken club which was HUGE and came with peameal bacon, lettuce, tomato, provolone and spicy mayo. My husband had the pulled short rib sandwich. His sandwich was the STAR. It was in a bagette that was hollowed out like a tube and stuffed with really tender pork and topped with melted cheese and a slice of tomato that was battered and fried. YUM. It was so good. And I thought the prices were great for the quantity/quality of the food. (14$ per meal).