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2007 May 25
This is the Salmon Teriyaki from their Set Dinner A. By the time I had this dish, I was very full that I didn't enjoy this dish that much any more. (I should have brought my husband!)

NB. My colleague also told me that she had no room to eat her chicken teriyaki. So, we asked the server to put her chicken teriyaki for me to take home and it became my son's after dinner snack!

2008 Mar 12
Our friends both ordered the teriyaki. Dan (pictured) ordered shrimp and Susan (not pictured because it looks the same and she was too far from me) ordered chicken.

They both seemed to enjoy it


2008 Sep 28
This little place in the Hazeldean mall is run by an extended family. They produce a relatively tasty product for some really good prices, at the least when it comes to their teriyaki.

It's not the best thing since sliced bread, but it is tasty and economical by some hardworking folks. I recommend the place, at least for the Teriyaki.