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2016 Jul 8
Amuse bouche

2016 Jul 8
Beets and Fennel

2016 Jul 8
"Cheese" plate

2016 Jul 8
Very nicely presented "scallops"

2016 Jul 8
My sister was in town from Vancouver last week; she has dietary restrictions and eats vegetarian and non-dairy) so a group of us had dinner at Café My House. We had a lovely dinner on the back patio, I think we were 6 people and we ate small plates style.

We started with a "Cheese" Plate and "Charcuterie" Board. I will use a lot of brackets as the food is vegan but this does not stop them from listing items such as sausage, peperoni, various sorts of cheeses, crème fraîche, scallops, etc. from the menu.

As the photos show, the plates were creatively presented with bright colours. In addition to being highly attractive, the food was very taste.

After the two large sharing plates, the restaurant brought out amuse bouches consisting curry pickled carrots (my favourite) and snap peas presented in terracotta planter pots. The bottom of the pots were sprinkled with dehydrated olives and pecans.

We then ordered the following tasting plates to share:
- Brussel Sprouts (sorry no photo)
- "Scallop" Crudo
- Charred Fennel & Beet
- Potato Croquettes

We enjoyed the variety in the presentation as well as the distinct flavours in each dish.

Seems the menu will be changing very shortly so if you want to try any of this you will have to hurry in.

On the other hand, you could also try their new menu when it is out and take lots of photos and report back.

Interesting place to have a leisurely meal. More for drinking and tasting and not all that inexpensive but a very pleasant way to spend time with friends and chat over food.

2014 Dec 15
Never had a chance to try their old location, but have enjoyed several v. satisfying meals in the past month at CMH's new Wellington digs. Lots of creativity served up in a cafe-esque environment. Slightly upscale but still relaxed, somewhere you can bring toddlers to at lunch and a date to at dinner, CHM strikes me as an amalgam of sorts between the now defunct Zen Kitchen and Gatineau's La Belle Verte. The menus seem oriented around small plates (moreso the dinners) and seasonally appropriate ingredients with what seems a current focus on tempeh (3 dishes featured some variation), kale, nut based pestos and sauces.

I ordered the cheeseburger, a sourdough bun flanking marinated tempeh and miso gravy, and served w/ a side of greens somewhat reminiscent of a ceasar salad. Modestly sized, the burger was both filling and delicious.

Dining friend had some kind of BLT concoction served on a waffle bun with chipolte and other goodies: i had a taste and found it less to my liking, but i could see how the medley of flavours would appeal to many (friend-o devoured it).

A previous brunch visit included their "Omega 3 Waffles": might just not be a waffle guy, i found these a bit monotonous, over-dense (perhaps the flaxseed flour). But, wow were they filling - i could barely roll myself out after, these would make for a good post ultra-marathon type of breakfast.

Its not dirt cheap, the prices fairly reflect the gentrifying 'hood, the quality ingredients and creativity. Not an everyday lunch spot for moi, but i could happily eat here once a month.

2013 Apr 6
Had the vegan bibim pop and Butternut Squash & Sage Gnocchi with Basil Cashew Cream. Bibimpop was hearty and full of mushroom, sesame and seaweed goodness. Very satisfying. The gnocchi was very tasty. The basil cashew cream had a nice sweet and tangy flavour. I also had Cacao Latte which had a strong but good cinammon chocolate flavour.

Can't believe it took me so long to check this place out. I'll be back to try other things. Bit on the expensive side but worth it for the quality food.

2011 Jul 30
We had a late breakfast/early lunch at Cafe My House today. We were pleased that they were welcoming to our two year old, even bringing her a plastic glass of water and a slice of lemon (my daughter LOVES lemons and limes).

I had the Moroccan Quinoa Pilaf, and my husband the Superhero omelet. We were both VERY impressed. He deemed his omelet done perfect, and the ham served with it was salty and wonderful. The quinoa was seasoned with a light hand, and quite tasty. Service was very nice, attentive but not intrusive. The atmosphere was calm and welcoming. The only annoyance was the parking lot!

While we don't eat special diets (vegan, GF, etc), we do have friends who must, and if they come to Ottawa, we will definitely take them to Cafe My House.

2010 Apr 4
We recently made our second visit to My House Restaurant to sample the breakfast and were very pleased with the experience . There were some delicious alternatives to choose from in addition to the classic egg, bacon and home fries breakfast. My son polished off the hearty "Once upon a time in Mexico" omelet which was prepared with salsa and fresh green chillies. A variation of the classic BLT came served on a fresh multi grained bagel with a healthy-sized caesar salad. The 5 grain lemon poppy seed pancakes more than satisfied the vegetarian in our family. Although the restaurant is tucked away in a strip mall along Bank Street, it is a pleasant, calm environment in which to enjoy excellent food. If you are looking for well prepared food with lots of vegetarian alternatives, at reasonable prices, we highly recommend My House Restaurant.