Foods from Hot Peppers


2008 Dec 13
I am truly saddened to read these comments.
I worked there when the Sommerset location first opened up and the owner taught me both Thai and Lao food. It was great. And I thought the food was pretty good, having eaten Thai in many different cities.

I now cook Thai and Lao at home and do a bit of it where I currently work.

update: Jan '10
now closed and for sale
I will keep some fond memories of working the working there when it first opened

2008 Jun 5
I walked by Hot Peppers on Queen St. next to Goodlife and saw has been taken over by the Green Papaya. The sign is in French (Papaye Verte) with the English underneath, but is appears to be the same as the one that's a block further West on Queen.

2008 Apr 24
After reading the preceding comments, I understand why I was met with shock at the office when I said that I like it there. My colleague compared it to "a roadhouse."

First off, the wine list. Their website touts a great selection for every taste...and actually delivers! Great by-the-glass variety and QUALITY. Their VQAs are beautifully chosen, with the Rieslings, Gewurtzes, and blends that suit spicy food.

Granted, the mussels seemed microwaved and came in a fatty sauce, but the pleasant waitress had me so comfortable I didn't care. The curries tasted fresh and were rich. We left with high spirits and full bellies.

ONE DETAIL: Eat upstairs. It's only open on weekends, but it's a much better atmosphere where you're not sharing your conversation with random old guys who are staring at you like it's their right...just saying.

2008 Feb 15
I had some Thai food tonight and it sparked my memory of the times my office had a few lunches catered by these folks. The Pad Thai was probably the worst version of the dish I've ever tried. Way too sweet like most of the other dishes they had, and seriously lacking in the spice department (despite their name)

I've never eaten at the actual restaurant but I'd sooner eat at Thai Express in the mall before giving them another chance.

2007 Dec 4
Quite simply, this resto is awful. I have eaten there on two occasions, and the last one (last week - November 30, 2007) was not a result of my own choosing. I am strictly commenting on the food - not the service. It is extremely disappointing. My first experience there (while I was a vegetarian) had them bringing me dishes with meat. Their pad thai was a HUGE disappointment! More recently, I ordered a noodle and chicken dish off their menu. I actually had to have the server bring me salt. It was bland and the texture was completely unenjoyable. Half our lunch party ate their meals while the other half waited at least 1/2 a hour for their dishes to come.

I vowed after the first experience not to return. Following the recent visit, I am maintaining that vow.

2007 Jun 8
Just had lunch at the Queen Street location. An all-around bad experience.

We sat upstairs in an incredibly uncomfortable booth due to completely straight seatbacks and a raised floor, which rendered our seat only a foot or so off the ground. My knees were touching the underside of the table.

As for the food, I had the "traditional" Thai red chicken curry. Not only did the sauce not resemble a thai curry, it was served on a bed of spaghetti noodles (not vermicelli or another Asian noodle -- definitely semolina spaghetti noodles). The only elements of "sauce", which was really more of a brownish paste, were on the chicken pieces themselves, rendering most of the noodles completely dry. Served with a side of completely cold steamed vegetables, and raw bean sprouts. The only redeeming factor of the meal was that I ordered it "4 stars" (as hot as they make it) and it did have some genuine heat, although I've had much hotter at more authentic places. My companion indicated her dish was "flavourless" and it, too, appeared to be lacking much sauce (hers was another, similarly described "curry" on the menu... although her sauce was a clear, broth-like colour).

Service was flighty. One waitress took our order, then another came out and started calling out to the tables "Who here had soup?" to deliver my companion's soup. Mains arrived alright, but we then waited an inordinately long time to pay the bill. Water refills were continuous, which was appreciated.

Overall, I definitely would not go back. To be honest, I find many Thai restaurants to be of similar quality. But this certainly stood out as the worst Thai food I've ever had.

2007 Feb 24
Went to the somerset location last night for the first time. Not very impressed. There was a party going on upstairs, which seemed to leave one server to handle the entire downstairs floor.

It took 20 minutes to have our orders taken. After ordering, it took 25 minutes for our drinks to arrive. 45 minutes for our apps (veggie spring rolls which were tasty, but cold on the inside).

After the apps, it was another 45 minutes for our mains. I felt bad for the server, but a heads up that there would be delays would have been nice.

All said, the food was alright, but nothing special.

Definitely not worth the prices (approx $13 for my shrimp fried rice which consisted of 5 medium sized shrimps without any seasoning mixed into spiced rice with diced peppers and onion)

2006 Sep 20
Not bad, but not great either. The portions were generous, but the food overall was a bit bland (for Thai) - doesn't quite live up to the name of the establishment. Next time, I will ask for the spice level to be taken up a notch or two.