Foods from Tokyo Sushi

2010 Aug 17
I've eaten there once and had take out a couple of times since I discovered it a couple of months ago. Not much atmosphere and few tables so be there early if you want to stay.

Take-out beats anything else around it - 100 times better than Hartman's a couple of blocks away. This isn't where I'm going for a nice sushi dinner, but for delicious take-out sushi in Centretown, this is the place.

2008 Aug 11
Tokyo Sushi is located on the ground level of a small house on Kent Street. It opened about a month ago and Mr. Nanook and I finally got around to trying it together. He had their take out last week and has been raving about it since!

The menu features a variety of sushi, nigiri, appetizers (tempura, edamame, kimchi) and other non-sushi Japanese mains (Katsu etc). The menu isn't overly ambitious, but it offers plenty of choice.

We ordered one of their party platters to share - 42 pieces of sushi and nigiri for $42, which is very reasonable. The presentation was fantastic and the fish was fresh. The sushi was ready in 10 minutes.

The owner said business is brisk, especially on weekdays with the lunch crowd making the trek down Kent Street to their little shop. We were really impressed and will definitely be back.


2010 Jun 23
Absolutely fabulous! very good sushi and nigiri, very well presented. Loved the atmosphere.
The fish was fresh and the service was really good. I've tried sushi in different cities of Canada, including Vancouver and this place has very good quality and the prices are very reasonable.
Definitely the best option I've tried so far in Ottawa and to be honest, I'm done experimenting this is the place to go for sushi!

2010 Apr 17
I ordered many times from this place as I live downtown. I have never been disappointed. Very good quality rolls. They recently updated their menus with all kinds of new rolls with interesting flavor combinations. The fish has always been fresh.

This place appears family-owned. There is the owner, his wife and their daughter, I believe. They are all very polite and friendly.

This place totally diverted me from the other sushi places in Ottawa and I highly recommend it. Prices are reasonable given the high quality of their products.

2008 Aug 11
The sushi and nigiri were made exceptionally well. The rolls were made tightly and didn't fall apart; the nigiri featured large pieces of fish on decent-sized beds of rice. The fish had tremendous flavour, especially the salmon and hamachi.


2008 Aug 11
The edamame was done perfectly. Lightly salted and warm. The pods were still fresh. It was still warm after we carried it home! My only complaint was that I wished that I'd ordered a second serving!


2011 Feb 13
Totoya also has a great agedashi tofu dish - very traditional!

2010 Feb 10
The akedashi tofu is my favourite appetizer, although it's hard to pick one. The tofu is fried and melts in your mouth served in a delicious sauce. This restaurant probably has the best sushi in Ottawa, largely due to the fact that the owner is one of the very few chefs trained in Japan.