Che and Alissia Chartrand recently took ownership of this cozy and warm restaurant in Wakefield. Che has been a long-standing and respected chef in Ottawa working alongside Vardy at Beckta's and then at Par-fyum; then leaving Par-fyum as Executive Chef before going out on his own with Chez Eric.

Foods from Chez Eric


2018 Aug 5
Google and FB are showing Chez Eric as closed. I don't want to believe it's true..

2013 Jul 25
We went here for lunch today. Their soup was a tomato and fennel and it was terrific. It had obviously been put through a chinois as it was as smooth as silk. I didn't want anything too heavy so had the cheese plate. It was beautifully presented on a long narrow plate, garnished with fresh blueberries and thinly sliced strawberries that had been macerated in something (curacao?), edible flowers and with a balsamic drizzle on the bottom of the plate. There were four different cheeses, all from Fromagere les Folies Bergeres. I can't remember all the names, but there was a blue and a quite strong cheddar. The other two were more typical goat cheese type ones and I had no trouble scarfing them down. This was served with toasted focaccia and plenty of it. My husband had the club sandwich which was served on focaccia bread and came with a side salad. He said both were very good. For dessert we shared a piece of peach and apple crumble pie with vanilla whipped cream. We meandered back to Ottawa down River (side? view?) road and stopped to have a look around Les Fougeres and also stopped at the Chelsea Smokehouse where we bought some smoked shrimp, scallops and a couple of crab cakes.

I almost forgot to mention the service - it was very warm and friendly but unobtrusive. It was a great place to go for lunch on a lazy summer afternoon. Oh, there are tables outside if that is your preference

2008 Oct 20
After a long drive to see the fall colours, we stopped by here for lunch just over a week ago. The patio was busy, on such a lovely day.

The server seemed a bit rushed, or maybe just run off her feet a bit, but the food was really good.

We ordered a small cheese plate ($12) which came with four types of cheese, a soft creamy cheese (brie maybe?), a cheddar, something smoked and something blue. It was served with garlic toasts, and a drizzle each of honey and a balsamic reduction. Very tasty and enough food for the two of us to have two toast points with each cheese.

We also shared the pulled pork chili, which was very good. The side salad reminded me of the salad at the Manx, with carrot and beet matchsticks.

I'd go here again. The standard menu seemed, well, standard. But the specials sounded really good and it was much more difficult to narrow down our selections from that menu.