Foods from Mediterrian

2010 Jun 17
After my disappointment with the other butcher shop I started plumbing my network of friends in search for a butcher shop that carries good local meat at prices that will not put you in the poor house. I should have thought of Darvish on my own, but I sure am glad I was reminded of it! Too bad it is out of my way, but I will definitely make a point to get out here more.

My friend confirmed with him today that their beef is local organic. And I will not quite prices here but they were the same as the prices I saw at another place for Alberta feedlock schlock. Read : pretty incredible prices for local organic!

The meat my friend bought today was aged 36 days, he was told. They also carry local poultry and lamb.

2009 Nov 5
I really wanted to like this place after zymurgis's great review but just couldn't. Had a chicken shawarma here near the end of summer and was really disappointed. There were flys all over the place and the chicken in the spit looked like it had been there for days, I'm extremely non-confrontational so I accepted my order despite my reservations but threw it out after one bite. The pita was stale, the chicken extremely dry, the vegetables limp and flavorless and the garlic sauce tasted rancid. I know I should have gone back and complained but quite frankly I didn't care enough, I just won't go back. It was even more disappointing since there are no good shawarma places in Kanata.


2008 Oct 10
I grabbed a chicken shawarma today while I was there picking up my organic turkey, and it was absolutely fantastic! Very large sandwich.