Foods from Metro

2018 Jun 16
I originally bought this Wild Blueberry Vanilla Goat Cheese (˜$9) from Ontario's own (via Metro Bells Corners) on a whim because I saw it was from Orangeville and our adorable Havanese pup is from near there too.

But, canine caprices aside, this is a delightful cheese! It had all the creamy appeal of a not-too-sweet blueberry cheesecake. We enjoyed it with crostini and good wine. Highly recommended!

2012 Aug 1
Warning all shoppers...Metro is the devil. I know that they are open 24hrs however their food is not worth the conveniences. Bad produce, improperly trained staff and high prices. Go elsewhere!

2011 Jul 19
As bad as pizza can get in this city, I would eat even some of the worst ones if they were free or if you paid me.

This pizza is not one of those. I would not eat this pizza if you paid me. Seriously.

Low-grade pepperoni, low-grade cheese (the cheese turns a semi-transparent grey colour when the pizza cools down), tasteless sauce, awful, cardboard crust.

I had low expectations getting a pizza from a supermarket. But even those low expectations were dashed.

2008 Oct 18
The loeb on Merivale beside Merivale High School has started carrying different salts. They have a huge glass canister showcasing the salt and then selling small containers of it infront of each flavour. They have about 7-9 flavours...It's just past fruit/veg section.

2008 Sep 8
And not only are Loeb and A&P the same company, just a few weeks ago Metro announced they are doing away with both names completely and converting everything over to the Metro name.

2008 Sep 8
Oops. Sort of. Loeb does have something called "Fresh Obsessions," though. Wikipedia explains, as usual: "Loeb became a subsidiary of A&P Canada. New products and services were introduced to Loeb stores, and the Merit, Econochoix and Irresistible lines were dropped in favour of A&P Canada’s house brands Master Choice, Equality and Baker’s Oven products and Fresh Obsessions produce."

2008 Sep 7
Is Loeb Fresh Obsessed? Thought it was A&P?

2008 Sep 7
The "Loeb Plus" in Kanata is dreadful!

Very limited selection. Very overpriced. Absolutely nothing to recommend it. Usually when I go to a new supermarket that's a bit too clean and expensive, it's still a good trip because I find new foods. Not here; I couldn't even find the boring stuff on my list.

And the oatcakes I bought had expired months ago. "Fresh obsessed," mmm hmm.

2006 Nov 12
Location seems to matter an awful lot with Loebs.

The 24h one on Rideau is on the lousy side. So-so produce, creepy people hanging around, music blaring in the store at night -- yuk.

That said, the one on Beechwood (New Edinburgh) is quite nice, as are a few others. Good produce, good selection.

2014 Oct 3
I have had these also and they are pretty good. Even better, though, will be the croissants that you will be able to buy at Macarons et Madeline's when they open their storefront on Wellington Street, which hopefully will be any day now. I realize that is a ways from you but it will be well worth the trip. And, even better, he will make Kouign Amann upon request!

2014 Oct 3
I have just returned to Ottawa after living in three different regions of France for fifteen years, the last twelve of those years in Normandy.

In France the standard of baked goods like bread and croissants various from one Boulangerie to another. Usually, but not always, you will find the better products in those establishment which display the sign Artisan Boulangerie. Which indicates that they bake everything themselves from scratch and do not use prepared bulk products. But you can also quite often find acceptable baked goods in the chain supermarkets; Leclerc, Intermarché, Carrefour, etc. As they all bake in house the quality varies from supermarket to supermarket, depending on the baker employed there.

The croissant being my staple breakfast food I went in search of them as soon as I got here. And I found acceptable croissants, easily up to the best of French supermarket standards, just around the corner from where I am living, at the Metro on Beechwood Road in a box marked Front Street Bakery – Café Butter Croissants described as Baked in store. A large box (I think there were 10 in it, but I was jet lagged and I did not count them) cost $3.99 – cheap even by French standards. Though the croissants were much smaller than those I am used to.

By sprinkling them with water and popping them into the oven for a few minutes to revive them they have lasted me 5 days. I will certainly buy them again.

I hope this post does not upset the purists among you.


2007 Nov 5
Thanks. I'll check out The Independant Grocer. Before I discovered the Loeb line I was buying the Mario's round loaf that various stores (including Herb and Spice) carried. Mario's is a bakery in Manotick. It's a good loaf for toasting, but a bit dense and chewy for eating fresh. I may have to go back to it. Since I buy fresh bread every day I don't want to have to drive too far.

2007 Nov 5
Haven't tried the bread at Loeb but Your Independant Grocer sells some nice breads. Farm Boy sells some nice breads too. I must admit though that I've been buy alot of my breads from the local bakeries these days as opposed to the grocery stores. You could always try looking for Parisien bread which is a little like a baguette but larger in diameter. Might be easier to toast if that's what you want to do with it. Alternatively you could use your day old bread to make croutons...

2007 Nov 5
I've been buying the "old fashioned loaf" at Loebs for the last two years or more. For no discernible reason they changed their line of artisan breads in October and no longer offer it. The "old fashioned loaf" was crusty, with lots of air holes and made great toast the next day. Baguettes are fine for a meal, but they are not a good shape or size for toasting. I'm on the hunt for a replacement.

2006 Sep 19
Loeb now carries artisan breads too, and they are (you guessed it)... delicious! :)


2007 Feb 26
Loeb on Bank and 2nd had some in stock recently. I hope they continue!


2011 Sep 28
I got another one of these this evening and actually got to try it too since I'm no longer eating paleo. Definitely not the best pie in the world but not the worst either. Certainly worth the 7 bucks for a 16 inch pie. The meat on it is pretty low quality which may really turn off some people, but I can handle it, my kids love it, my wife eats it, so for the price we'll get it again sometime. The crust is pretty good and it is not too greasy like so many pizzas are. Hard to beat for 7 bucks.

2011 Jul 13
Went to the Island Park store after work and noticed a Wednesday night deal of a 16" pepperoni pizza for 7 bucks! The cook it for you there and serve it in a pizza box. Where I'm paleo at the moment I did not get to try it, but the family said it was good enough. Looked to be not the best pizza in the world but far from the worst. Well worth 7 bucks.

2009 May 9
I picked up one of their store brand pizzas this evening. For 6 bucks it was a great value - piled high with toppings. Really yummy too - the kids cleaned off their plates. And considerably less packaging than one of the name-brand pizzas.

2009 Jul 4
The "Keybrand" Cole Slaw in the deli section of Metro is extremely good, albeit fairly high in salt. They have 2 kinds and I am talking about the one that just says "Coleslaw" on the top - I don't recall what the other one is called but it is like the KFC stuff and is "creamy".

The stuff I bought has larger chunks and is nice and crunchy. The only nefarious ingredients other than the high amount of salt are xantham gum and potassium sorbate.

I'd eat more if it were not so high in salt - really yummy.

2011 Jan 4
Golden syrup is also wonderful on oatmeal.

2010 Dec 27
The Scottish and Irish store in bells corner has golden syrup as well