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Grated cabbage, often with a few other veggies grated up in there - most commonly carrots. Usually but not always marinated in a bit of vinegar.

Cole Slaw at LeRoy's
Where to get Cole Slaw

2009 Jul 4
The "Keybrand" Cole Slaw in the deli section of Metro is extremely good, albeit fairly high in salt. They have 2 kinds and I am talking about the one that just says "Coleslaw" on the top - I don't recall what the other one is called but it is like the KFC stuff and is "creamy".

The stuff I bought has larger chunks and is nice and crunchy. The only nefarious ingredients other than the high amount of salt are xantham gum and potassium sorbate.

I'd eat more if it were not so high in salt - really yummy.



2010 Apr 18
You'll like it more than I did if you like your coleslaw creamy and chunky. I tend to like a little more vinegar and a finer chop. That said, I ate it all and enjoyed it anyway!

2009 Aug 26
Very creamy. Simple but good. Very chunky cabbage.