Foods from Hudson's Farm


2008 Aug 29
We continue to get Hudson corn - a daily MUST at our house hold at Dusty's Products along Hazledean Road - limited parking but worth the wait. I did talk to Mrs Hudson at the Carp market and she said that this year was the worst for corn that she had seen -not enough sun or warm nights for the corn to mature. She usally has corn well into the fall but doesn't think so this year - what a shame!!

2008 Aug 28
Bought corn from them a couple of weeks ago during the Garlic Festival ... was very good, I'd buy from them again. Consistently very good is the corn from the vendor at the corner of Moodie Dr and Timm Rd (not sure of the name).

2008 Aug 28
Bought "Maple Sweet" corn from this vendor at the Carp Farmers' Market... the corn was reasonably priced, a Half-dozen for $ 2.50 or a Baker's dozen for $ 5.00 (about a dollar cheaper than the other vendors.)

The corn was yummy! Would buy from this vendor again.