Waiting to be seated... [General]

2009 Dec 6
Lately I've noticed that a lot of places lack signs at the door letting you know whether or not it is seat yourself or wait to be seated. I'm left feeling uncomfortable and not knowing what to do.
How long would you wait to be acknowledged before you left?

2009 Dec 6
Depends if I have to meet someone or not. If not, I'd wait 3 minutes then I'm outta there. I did this at a certain moose and deer restaurant one day. Waited, the bartender walked by and LOOKED at me and went to the bar. Looked like the wait staff had a little meeting at the side. I got fed up and left. If they expect me to ring the little bell they had, forget it. I'd even accept a "hang on guys", or "one sec".

2009 Dec 7
Monkey Feet - LOL, it took me a minute to figure out the "Moose and Deer Restaurant" (very funny).

Cait - I always wait even if there isn't a sign... I'd rather err on the side of courtesy than take the risk and p-off someone in the Restaurant (not a great way to start out one's relationship with a Server). I'd say I'd probably last about 5 Minutes before I give up and leave, although "The Man" might only last 3.

This brings up another thought... what is becoming of these Hostess / Hosts? There are still lots of Reception Stands in places around town, but seems to be fewer and fewer people actually manning them. More often than not someone will see me waiting and call across the floor either "I'll be right with you" OR "Go Ahead, Seat Yourself"

Have the Hostess / Host gone the way of the DoDo Bird in this economic recession?

2009 Dec 7
To answer your last question, F&T, I would like to cite exhibit A: Stonefaced Dolly's on a Sunday morning.

They no longer have a hostess, but rather try to make due with the manager bussing tables and seating folks. Now, Bob isn't the most mobile person and while he's really quite nice, it takes him a dog's age to bus a table and get people seated. Meanwhile, people at the front are waiting, somewhat impatiently, because many of them expect to have their names put on a waiting list...which they also no longer have.

As much as I love SFD for brunch, I refuse to go on weekends now because I know that I'll end up feeling über-anxious in line and I hate that. It ruins it for me.

Exhibit B: Chances R near Algonquin.

They've had the same hostess for probably nearly a decade now, and she's there on weekends, rain or shine. This woman knows the restaurant like the back of her hand. As much as I'm not keen on the food, you get seated more efficiently than anywhere else in the city.