Foods from Barley Mow

2011 Mar 20
I went for Brunch this morning with 3 friends after having a horrendous experience at Greenfields and walking out. We got there and there were only about 6 people in the restaurant. We were ordering breakfast and when it came to my friends turn, she asked for a slice of tomato instead of home fries. She was told that "no substitutions" was at the top of the menu. The waitress went and asked if she could have tomato instead of home fries. Whoever answered her said "NO". Seriously? You can't substitute home fries for a slice of tomato? Anyway, I said don't give her the home fries and just bill her for the tomato. When I told a friend about this experience, he said that I should have just run across the parking lot to Sobey's and bought a tomato. I would have if it would have thought about it. It was a ridiculous situation. What has happened to customer service in this country? The waitress was great...very pleasant so it wasn't her fault she was told no. She was tipped well. The food was good and everyone was happy....especially after the horrendous experience at Greenfields. I won't go back to Barley Mow though.

2010 May 25
We came last night with a group of seven after our ultimate game. We arrived at 8:45 and ordered drinks and food promptly. Despite the hockey game being on, the place was quiet.

The drinks arrived quickly. However, it took 45 minutes for 2 lbs. of wings, 2 french onion soups, an order of sweet potato fries, nachoes and a burger platter to grace us with their presence.

In that time we asked twice how much longer the food would be (once at the half hour mark, once at the 40-minute mark), as some of us had babysitters to take home. Both times, we were told "oh, just another 5 minutes or so". Meanwhile, our server agreed to having shots with the table next to us, who were racking up a several hundred dollar tab.

The food, when it finally arrived, was quite good.

We mentioned the wait time with the manager on duty, who was insincerely apologetic, but gave us 25% off the bill.

This isn't the first time I've had a long wait for food at the Barley Mow. I was told last time that after about 8 or so, the kitchen only has one person working. So, the lesson here is to not frequent the Barley Mow for food after around 8 or so.

2010 Mar 22
all comments on the food, good or bad, are welcomed. We can only meet the needs of the community with feedback, either way. I will mention that Barrhaven is under new management, both front of the house and kitchen, since mid february of 2010. Come in and give it a second chance or contact (the new GM)

2010 Mar 19
Heh, I asked for the mashed potatoes because the waiter was overly reluctant to give me what I wanted, the rice pilaf, even if there was already rice on the dish :/

2010 Feb 16
...well I think it's settled, the Barley Mow will be the next venue for an OF meetup - menu: curry, rice, mashed potatoes. See you there!

2010 Feb 16
I marked your (first, not your 2nd) post as questionable because I really saw nothing wrong with the original post and saw no reason for your finger-wagging. I originally saw Nadeshiko's review marked "questionable" before your comment was posted, and I was honestly surprised. I looked to see who was online because I knew it had just been posted - sure enough I saw you there and knew it had to be you. So I marked the original review as appropriate. A few minutes later when your counter-review showed up, I marked it as inappropriate and I stand by that. There was nothing wrong with the original review that I saw. They did not like something, and in my opinion expressed their dislike in a completely appropriate fashion for this site. Especially given that they said they liked a few of the things they had.

Just because you disagree with their dislike of something is no reason to mark a review as inappropriate. "Inappropriate" is for people cursing, or other behavior which is not becoming of this site. Like just ruthlessly slagging a vendor or meal with a review that has no positive side at all. Or that expresses a lot of conjecture like ones we've seen that say things like "they were probably from the frozen food aisle at Loblaws"

So yeah, when someone is misusing this feature of this site, I mark it as inappropriate

2010 Feb 15
Damnit, are you guys going to make me go there myself to call this one? ;-)

F&T, I'm sorry, but you did not pass the reading comprehension part of the test. It behooves us all to read a post carefully before deciding to mark it as questionable!

Nadeshiko never explicitly claimed that the mashed potatoes accompanied any of the other dishes mentioned. It's possible they were ordered as a side dish, or maybe hubby swapped his chips for mash (something I'm often tempted to do at pubs with mediocre chips).

Also, the comment about never making it to the rice under the curry was clearly made to emphasize that the curry was inedible -- not a comment on the ratio of curry to rice.

2010 Feb 15
So someone has marked my comments Questionable... well that really is a hoot... I have ate the Curry Dish at the Barley Mow Barrhaven for years... and submitted Reviews on that previously (last one back in September 2008).

My Reviews are based on FACTS.

I can tell you the Curry DOES NOT COME with Mashed Potatoes, it comes with rice. Period. That is factual.

And there is a nice balance of rice and curry... no "searching" for the rice as the poster implies.

As such I marked the Review by Nadeshiko Questionable and stated why in my post... their info is all out of wack... As someone who goes there often enough, I gotta wonder if they even went to the Barley Mow Barrhaven.

2010 Feb 15
I have to concur with F&T, always found the curry good and no mashed potatoes at any time.

2010 Feb 15
Nadeshiko - I am marking your Review "Questionable" because I am a BIG FAN of the Pub Curry at "the Mow" (see my various Reviews below). And well quite frankly I have no idea what you are talking about.... it DOES NOT come with mashed potatoes!

Nor do the Appy Wings, or the Fish & Chips.

As the Server told you it comes with rice, which is what the curry is served on top of... and it isn't like the rice is buried under the curry, it is easy enough to combine the two in each mouthful if that is what one wants.

So, quite frankly I have no idea of what you are talking about (and as such I wonder if you've even been to "the Mow" Barrhaven).


2010 May 25
The all you can eat wings at BM are mediocre at best, but for some quantity has a quality all it's own.

For those planning on going for the AYCE, they require that you buy a beverage for each pound of wings you order. Pitchers count as two pounds...which seems on the low end of things.

Given that it took 45 minutes for the first pound to come and people in our group had babysitters to return to, it wasn't really AYCE.