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Nectar Fine Teas

Nectar Specialty Tea Shop
Nectar Specialty Tea Shop
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2016 Jan 17
Goodies at Nectar this summer (also came with light fruit salad and delicious soup of the day:)))

2013 Mar 17
The neighbouring table ordered tea for 2 and each had a scone with clotted cream and jam and a shortbread. It seem to have included 2 pots of tea.

2013 Mar 17
Stopped by running errands on Wellington and decided to have the Tea Luncheon special for $12.95

It is comprised of the following:
* Soup - roasted potatoes and Onion in mini cup
* chicken and artichoke sandwich bite (on scone)
* potato tart
* salad garnish
* scone with clotted cream and strawberry jam
* shortbread (tea flavour?)
* pot of tea

The 3 savory items were tasty but more of a small sampling plate than really luncheon.

The small scone was excellent with the clotted devonshire cream and jam but I could have used a little bit more devonshire cream. I would have paid extra if it mean some extra cream and choice of different jams.

I choose the Sancha berry green tea and it was okay but not fantastic. The timer was set but when it went off, the tea barely tasted of anything so I left it in for another 3-4 minutes. Did not taste that much of berries either.

Overall the scones are the star, just a little bare boned compared with the tea and scone I had a couple of weeks ago in London where 1 raisin scone and 1 plain scone with a good bit of clotted cream and a tray of 3 different jars of preserves with long handled spoons. I traded a jar with a neighbouring table so each half of the scone had a different jam with the clotted cream yum..

The store sells Kusmi Tea which I had seen in Paris including looseleaf teas for $10-13 / 100g

2011 Aug 7
Long time favorite for loose teas. As good as many I visit in larger cities. Dedicated owner. Wish them every success.

2009 Mar 25
A friend and I went to Nectar Fine Teas to sit, chat and watch the world go by on Wellington St.. They were baking cookies in the kitchen, so the shop smelled wonderful. Normally I get the cookie selection (3 types, ginger, green tea and spice I believe) This time however, we both had the orange pound cake with sides of orange butter and fruit compote - YUM! The loaf was warm and we had a hard time not gobbling it up all by itself. The whipped orange butter was divine as was the fruit compote. We each had a different tea with it - masala chai for me and green mint for my friend. The teas were served in individual pots (so enough for a good 2 cups) also appropriate for the type of tea. It is always an enjoyable experience.

2007 Oct 16
This is my wife's current favourite place for tea in Ottawa. It's small, but seems to have a good selection and the woman that works there is knowledgeable and friendly. I was personally impressed when I went in to buy some tea for my wife and she (without prompting) knew who my wife was and what kind of tea she liked. That, in a nutshell, is why we like to support local independent businesses.



2008 Dec 7
I am new to Ottawa, and was seeking a place to find high quality loose leaf tea. A friend recommended a great little shop called Nectar in the west end. When I arrived I noticed that they were no longer all that little, and had expanded and were offering light tea luncheons, and other fresh foods from a cute menu that changes weekly. Also they do serve a great afternoon tea. The food was amazing and the service was friendly and knowledgeable. Anyone seeking quality tea and a great experience should for sure check them out. I will be back for sure.


2018 Apr 28
Unfortunately this great spot recently closed:(