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Foods from Bombay Masala Indian Cuisine


2012 Jun 23
This is my go-to place for take out Indian food. But I've had some weird experiences there! Once there was corn in the rice. Usually it's just carrot, cumin seeds etc. I hate corn so this was a turn off. Last time I went there I am fairly certain the chicken in the tikka masala was of the frozen and processed variety judging from the taste and the texture.

2011 Oct 3
Went back and ordered almost the same meal, minus the dessert, wine and only had samosas for appetizer. $40 not including tip is much more affordable than last time! The food was just as good if not better than last time. This is definitely my go-to place for dine-in Indian food, even if it means driving all the way out to Kanata.

2011 Apr 4
Visited Bombay Masala on Friday evening since we had been looking for a new Indian restaurant to try. The place wasn't very busy at all at 7:30, only 3-4 other tables were taken. Our waiter was very courteous and attentive. We ordered the vegetarian appetizer plate (which included onion baji, paneer pakora and samosa), vegetable korma, chana masala, naan bread and muttar pulao. Everything was delicious, some of the best indian food i've had! The korma and masala were very saucy, which is great for slopping up with the naan. We ordered our dishes "medium" spiciness and it turned out to be the perfect amount for us. Ordered an order of gulab jamun for dessert... this is my only issue with the meal: 2 gulab jamuns for $4.25 - that is steep for basically 2 dough balls, and weren't served with pistachios or almonds as indicated on the menu.

Total, for two people, including wine, taxes and tip: $81.

We will definitely go back.

2010 Mar 28
Mmmm! I went here last night with some friends and was thoroughly impressed. We started with the veggie appetizer platter which came with onion bhaji (okay), paneer pakora (delicious) and samosas (delicious). It came with an assortment of chutneys.
I had the vegetable korma for my main and it was probably one of the best korma dishes I have ever had. Lots of awesome fresh veggies (cauliflower, potato, green beans, peas) with roasted cashews and raisins. We also shared some pilau, garlic and butter naan. I am not a fan of garlic naan (my fault, not theirs) so I opted out of that, but the butter naan was delicious with nigella seeds baked into it - it makes a huge difference taste wise. I didn't sample anyone else's dish as they were all meat based, but everyone else at the table seemed equally impressed and I heard that the rogan josh with lamb was especially good.
The service was wonderful, they had lots of suggestions and seemed genuinely concerned with how everyone liked their meals. I was also very happy to see an entire page devoted to vegetarian curries - no shortage of selection here.
I will most certainly be back, it is worth the long drive out to Kanata :)

2008 Aug 18
Had a second visit there this evening, we werent so sure that a Monday night would be a great evening to go back, as March Rd gets retty quiet after rush hour in the non-hockey season. We were wrong, the quality and service were just as good as the first visit, the owner was on hand to guide us, as once again we were overwhelmed by our choices, and her suggestions were bang on!

All the dishes were offered with varying degree of spiciness, so Ill bracket the degree chosen with each dish.

For starters, we enjoyed the Mulligatawny Soup (hot) my husband found it fabulous, I prefer the seasoning in the lentil soup I make at home. Also ordered the Paneer Pakoras, beautifully seasoned, and had I known how large a starter it was, I would have limited hunny and I to one app. I was unable to find out what the seasoning on the Pakoras is, but it is so savory (lemon, cumin, nutmeg? All guesses) it almost diddnt need the accompanying chutneys, but they were delicious also.

Main course, he chose the Chicken Bhuna (hot) and hot it was, almost a challenge to get through, as some components of the dish took the absorbed the heat more than others, the tomatoes in the dish were wonderful but you had to be ready for the shot of heat that followed and stayed with it, the onions in the dish were much more gentle, made for a wonderful dish, but even my spice lovin hunny thinks maybe next time hell get the medium heat. I think it would be even better made with shrimp, which was an option, Ill be sure to try that version another time. We also chose the Butter Chicken (medium), also divine, the sauce so rich and creamy it almost diddnt need the chicken, of course that could also be because we were getting pretty full.

We had to skip dessert, and ordered extra rice for the leftovers at home.

So supper with no alcohol, 2 soft drinks, naan, rice, 2 apps, 2 mains was about 65.00 including tip, more than I wanted to spend on a Monday night, but for quality and service, well worth it.

2008 May 30
Went here tonight with friends - it was amazing! Our table of four shared papadum and the app platter (it was plenty) and then I had a mango lassi, nan bread, roti bread, rice and probably the best butter chicken I've ever had (and I used to eat Indian food in Montreal all the time).

Others at the table got the chicken tikka masala (one medium, one hot) and a chicken curry.

The chicken in the dishes was all white meat and very moist and flavourful, the sauces were excellent and definitely tasted homemade.

We will be back, even though this is a bit of a long drive out to March Road.

2006 Dec 8
Outstanding flavour and variety of dishes. I'm not educated on which region they specialize in, but certainly some of the best Indian food I've had in Ottawa. That said, we've found it quite rich and at times slightly oily - not necessarily food to eat on a daily basis.