Foods from Allegro


2010 Jul 6
We did an impromptu stop to Allegro Ristorante around 5:30 pm this past Saturday. Allegro is located at 422 Preston Street at the intersection of Beech Street.

There was no one there when the 4 of us went in so I was a little concerned and wondering if we would like it. It all turned out well.

No one was interested in drinking so straight up water.

3 of the 4 of us went for specials, being Veal Chop, Rigatoni, and then Osso Bucco styled lamb shanks. The 4th dish from the menu was Saltinbocco.

The 3 of them ordered desserts. 2 Bailey's espresso cheesecakes and a tiramisu. Plus one great coffee.

Everyone was happy with all dishes.

Since I wasn't paying, I can't give you an idea of prices. It is nice to be treated!!

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2008 Oct 15
Snuggled on Preston St amid all the current street construction you will find Allegro. I dined there for the first time last week -- a family "thanksgiving dinner" so to speak.

The first floor of the restaurant is quite small with only about eight tables. There is a second floor which was hosting a private party.

Our server provided excellent service. He answered our questions, ensured the water glasses were full, and was available but not intrusive.

We started with a huge antipasti plate. I'll try to remember all the goodies that were piled onto the platter .... grilled calamari, jumbo grilled scallops, marinated mushrooms, marinated eggpant, jumbo grilled shrimps, sausage meatballs, cantelope, prosciutto, salami. As a starter, we also had mussels in tomato sauce and the complimentary garlic loaves that were drizzled in olive oil and herbs. Simply scrumptuous!!! The platter was visually impressive and pretty filling.

Being the family that we are, we proceeded to order mains. They ordered the seafood fettucine (jumbo shrimps and scallops), a fettucine alfredo with chicken, a mushroom risotto, and a special order of just pasta with olive oil and basil. I ordered the linguini with clams (in white sauce - olive oil with herbs) and it was delicious!!! I also had a bite of the mushroom risotto which was hot and yummy!

The meal and overall experience were very satisfying. Whenever my parents have out-of-town friends, they like to bring them to Allegro for some great Italian grub. I finally got to partake in the experience.

While I would have loved to indulge in some dessert, we had to pass but I must say my mouth was watering as the server listed them off. There is always a "next time".