Linda Bartlett began making beautiful cakes 10 years ago as part of her master's degree in sculpture. For the past five years she and her partner Amy Forrest, who has a degree in industrial design, have been selling cakes out of their home in Dunrobin. With no storefront, Bartlett relies on word of mouth and her stall at the Carp Market Saturdays. (from the Ottawa Citizen - August 2, 2008)

the girl with the most cake
the girl with the most cake
the girl with the most cake
Cupcakes at the girl with the most cake
the girl with the most cake
the girl with the most cake
Foods from the girl with the most cake

2012 Jan 17
I look at this the same way I look at the foodie world in general. Some folks get it, others don't and that's just fine. I'm not keen to pay alot for cake, but that's me.

As long as people are willing to try and see why I enjoy it so much, I'm cool. Some folks change their minds, others continue to eat at only Swiss Chalet.

It's all good.

2012 Jan 11
I think that creativity and originality are compensible. If that's what you demand as a consumer, why wouldn't you want to pay for it? Sylvia Weinstock's wedding cakes can easily run upwards of $2000, and the Girls' wedding cake I posted the pic of was a little over $500. All the decorations hand sculpted and applied, different flavors on each layer, and it was delivered and set up in the venue prior to the reception. Yes you can pay less, but if you want something really special on that scale, the cost is fair. I've also done a smaller custom birthday cake from the girls that was under $100 delivered. If you want to save money, get a slab cake at costco. They are attractive and tasty and cost less than $20. Perfectly decent, but it's not something you'll remember for the rest of your life.

2012 Jan 11
For a custom job for a special occasion that's something more than a scanned photo in sugarprint with your name written in icing on a slab cake, $200 is entirely reasonable.

And NU4432 didn't tell us what they were asking for... only that they didn't want to pay for it.

2012 Jan 11
$200 for a cake?! Sorry to break it to you, New User is bang on. Anybody who pays that much for a cake needs to have their head examined.

2012 Jan 10
"poor communications skills"... oh... the irony.... it burns....

2012 Jan 10
After the negative comments, I thought I would add mine to the voices giving the Girl with the Most Cake rave reviews. This was our wedding cake in 2009. Gorgeous, very special to us and delicious too. I have used the Girls 4 times for special occasion cakes and each time it has been a wonderful experience. Their creativity allows for the kind of special detailing that can only come from someone with a refined artistic sensibility, and we have done cakes that were wild and modern as well as very traditional. Each time they have taken the time to discuss with us who and what the cakes are for, what the person's interests are and have sketched up some interesting proposals. It has always been a pleasure working with them, and they have always surprised and delighted us with the results. If you are willing to work with them to design something really special, you will not be disappointed.

2012 Jan 9
I have paid much more than $200.00 for a special birthday cake from other bakeries , you get what you pay for in this world. I suggest you try Costco or a grocery store in future.
The time it takes to decorate a cake and artistic elements usually determines the price.
Nothing makes me more mad than the ' it's only a cake' .

2012 Jan 9
New user 4432, how many servings and how detailed was the design you wanted?

I have ordered several cakes from the GWTMC. I have never paid 200.00, most of the cakes were quite detailed, serving 20ish people. In addition, I have always found both Amy and Linda very professional and easy to deal with.

2012 Jan 9
Who has 200$ to spend on a birthday cake?? Give me a break. There are far better places to get cakes from the in the region, unless you have deep pockets. They also have poor communications skills, which we clearly got right away with their "vagueness" on the price etc.
Do not deal with this company

2010 Aug 7
The little cakes are now up to $13 at the Carp Farmers' Market. We tried a beautiful lemon cake and found it to be of excellent quality, much like a good pound-cake style lemon loaf. Very, very sweet though, so if you like your lemon to have a bit of a tang you might be disappointed. It was so sweet that I would not be able to eat more than 1/4 of the tiny cake. We're now curious to try the other flavours: vanilla, chocolate, and carrot.

Anyway, these are certainly the prettiest cakes available in Ottawa, and ranking among the best for flavour. Priced for special occasions only (although as I said to my wife, until they stop selling out by 11am on Saturday the price is not too high).





2009 Jun 12
Cupcakes are basically available in two sizes, individual or as “mini-cakes” which will feed two. Mini-cakes are just that small sized cakes (they don’t really resemble a cupcake). They come in the same flavours as the larger specialty cakes… so a great way to try out something that one might want to order later on a larger scale.

The decoration is breathtaking (even on this small an item)… I still can’t figure out how they do that. And the cake is moist and delicious while the icing is perfectly executed butter cream… sweet and smooth without being overpowering.

Mini-cakes come in specially designed containers to protect them in transit, they can also be popped directly into the freezer so that the mini-cake can be enjoyed at a later date (they provide written instructions on how to freeze & thaw).

I would definitely purchase again.