Foods from Vietnam Noodle House

2010 Aug 2
Vietnam Noodle House is now closed; there is a For Lease sign over the storefront signs.

It's a bit sad, for they had some of the best summer rolls...

2009 Jun 8
VHN is closed on Tuesdays until further notice.

2008 Sep 24
The Vietnam Noodle House that I was commenting on is located at Somerset/Arthur down some stairs in a basement.

2008 Sep 24
I wonder if this is the same as the one in Chinatown on Somerset or the same owners. They have broken rice dishes at the Somerset one too.

2008 Sep 11
Well priced, flavourful, and a good selection. The service is really good here as well!


2006 Oct 18
The Broken Rice dishes are my favourite. I have not seen other restaurants in this neighbourhood serving this type of dish. The VNH offers a wide variety of options; the texture and flavour of the rice is quite unique!