King Crab the largest of the crab family is caught in cold ocean waters... most frequetly in the Barents Sea or the Russian Pacific waters. Most common variety is therefore known as Russian King Crab. In recent years is quickly displacing Alaskan King Crab in the North America marketplace as it is cheaper and primarily distributed thru Big Box stores.

Where to get King Crab (not Alaskan)

2009 Jan 29
King Crab is harvested out of the Bering Sea (the area between Russia, Alaska and Northern BC)
Loblaws often have them on sale right before Christmas
but the Pelican Fishery (1500 Bank Street, Blue Heron Mall) has them year round


2008 Aug 9
Enjoyed a good feed of King Crab this week... available from Loblaws in the "frozen" seafood section (open freezers usually found near the deli). Is often a featured Loblaws special. Are packaged in a heavy plastic bag, black writing on a white background (sort of no-name looking) 1.36 Kg (3 Lbs) in weight. Can be served chilled (defrost) or hot (oven or steamed).

Delicious King Crab and a good value.