This vendor no longer exists!


See also: Nagina Indian Cuisine
The owners unfortunately registered the name as "Dinning" with the phone company so that's what we're sticking to here. ;-)

Foods from Bombay Dinning


2009 Jun 15
I went here a few months back for the buffet and I never went back. It was my first time trying most of the Indian dishes and although some of it tasted good - it was COLD and when I saw the fly swarming around the chutney, I was done. They ran out of naan pretty fast and they weren't ready until I was finished much for a buffet. On top of it, the waiter was no where to be seen and it took waaaaay too long to bring me my water. Someone had to go find him just so I could pay my bill! Needless to say, I didn't leave a tip.

And to this day, I am still conditioned to picture the fly hovering around when I think of Indian food! YUCK!

2008 Oct 22
This is the restaurant that moved into Nagina's old location on Rideau. I was downtown with some friends on Sunday who wanted to go for dinner, and I used to enjoy Nagina, so I figured we'd hit up this place and see if maybe it was just a much-needed (for obvious reasons) name change and the food was as good as I remember.

Unfortunately, I was wrong, and horribly disappointed. The onion bahjia was good, but it was the only part of the meal that was tasty. The service was unbearably slow, the flavours were unbalanced and unexciting, and the dishes were presented at room temperature and looked unappealing. Furthermore, the cuts of beef and lamb that they used were obviously extremely cheap: fatty and chewy and unpleasant.

There's no way I'd ever go back.