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2009 Jan 12
Enjoyed Brunch over the holidays here with a group of girlfriends.

They call it Brunch because of it's timing (11:30 AM to 1:30 PM) but the breakie type offerings are few... a couple of different types of Eggs Benny, a Breakfast Pizza, a Quiche of the Day and a Fruit & Cheese Plate. Although, I believe one can order off the complete regular menu as well.

Three of us opted for the Eggs Benny in a variety of formats... I had the Salmon Benedict. It featured 2 Poached Eggs, Smoked Atlantic Salmon and the all important Hollandaise Sauce all served on a Toasted English Muffin accompanied by Fresh Fruit and Homefries. I enjoyed my plate, although the Homefries were nothing special, so I only ate a few.

One of my friends ordered the Eggs Benny without the homefries and asked for extra fruit instead. She was happy with her plate, although I noticed that the fruit that day was mostly melon however.

Another friend ordered the Eggs Florentine, which was basically the same as my Salmon Benedict, but instead of Salmon she got Spinach. She asked for her Hollandaise Sauce on the side and the waitress remembered.

The last friend in our group ordered a salad. She also wanted her dressing on the side. There were no complaints with her order either.

Overall a good meal out with friends. I would go back (it's a great spot during Winterlude, maybe I'll think about it for Breakie this year a change from Dinner or Late Night Drinks after skating on the canal).

The only wierd thing was we all ordered tea or coffee. About three-quarters of the way thru our meal the Tea Drinkers all asked for hot water refills... it took our server a long time to come back to our table, and when she did she brought us all glasses of ice water. ??? Anyways, by that time everyone was done eating, so we just paid the check. We had a good laugh about it in the car on the way home.

2007 May 3
Spinach and ricotta manicotti.

Not bad, but nothing to go out of one's way for. This would've been a substantially less enjoyable meal had it not been on a patio alongside the canal. Plenty of restaurants are making better manicotti. And plenty are making worse, I suppose, but for some reason, I expect better from this place.

Note blah supermarket tomatoes on top: why bother, I wondered?

2007 May 3
No comments, just a picture: steak at the Canal Ritz, on the patio.