Veggie Chips at Bulk Barn
Foods from Bulk Barn

2008 Sep 27
available bulk near the other pie fillings at the South Keys location.

2007 Apr 30
I've seen this in bulk at the Gloucester location where they have the natural peanut butters, pie fillings etc.

2006 Dec 17
Available in jars (not bulk) near the honey and soy lecithin (seen in the Kanata location).

2007 Mar 18
I hope I'm not cheating by adding Bulk Barn as a go-to source for muesli. It is, but the store version looks unexciting, to say the least.

Buying the basic ingredients here and making it yourself is the way of all muesli for me, though.

It's busy enough to mean that the stuff's usually fairly fresh, and dried fruits -- even relative exotica -- aren't priced as rare treats like they can be when you find them on their lonesome, in "$5, but don't I look good to snack on while you're shopping?" formats.

I haven't bought ready-made since Marks & Spencers closed up shop here...

2007 Apr 28
These things are quite tasty baked vegetable chips consisting of carrots, acorn squash, taro, green beans. They're extremely crunchy and very salty, but that's often what you crave when you reach for chips. They ain't cheap ($2-something per 100g) but they're unique and fun.

2009 May 28
I love candied ginger and use it a lot in baking and in some savoury dishes as well. The Bulk Barn has long been my main source for both kinds of candied ginger - the dry slices rolled in sugar and the cubes in a thick sugar syrup (which itself is very ginger flavoured and useful for flavouring drinks, Thai sticky rice, etc). The soft cubes are great covered in chocolate or chocolate cookie dough or in most any place you'd use the slices.