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Korean & Japanese food with sushi bar?

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2010 Dec 10
I cann't believe that, now it's half price! The food is still good. The owner said "It's Holiday Special". So I don't know when the deal will finishi. I will come definitely for this price of sushi.

2009 Nov 12
I ordered the lunch special which gives you two items for $11.

I got shrimp tempura with rice and a spicy salmon roll.

The spicy salmon roll regularly goes for $8. I hope the lunch version is a cheap imitation of what they normally sell you because what I got was a sliver of salmon (I could barely taste the salmon at all), two layers of unseasoned normal white rice and a squirt of hot sauce put on top of the roll (there was no spicy sauce mixed with the salmon itself).

Absolutely lacking in taste.

The shrimp tempura was four tiny shrimp (I'm talking 31/35's) with a scoop of rice. Hard to mess up so the taste was fine.

2008 Oct 16
I went again yesterday, and the restaurant seems to have been sold to new owners. The menu remains the same,but the rolls contain about half of the fish that they used to put in.

The sweet sauce they used for the crunch roll has also changed. I probably won't be going back. Another one bites the dust :(

2008 Jun 3
In my quest to try most (if not all) things sushi within walking distance of my office this summer, I decided to stop by after reading some reviews from here. I had a spicy salmon roll and a crunch roll - same thing that Kate reviewed earlier - except the price for the lunch special is now 10.99.

The crunch roll is fabulous. I do love most things deep fried, so perhaps that explains it - but it was tasty, warm (but not too warm) and was a nice change for lunch.

The spicy salmon roll on the other hand, underwhelmed me. I am the self-professed queen of all things spicy, but this was just too much. The spicy sauce was way too strongly flavoured for the roll - which I think could have had more texture elements (say cucumber) added to it. I guess I just prefer my rolls more subtle, but this just wasn't my style.

Maybe I'll return to try something else as it is a good deal for the price.

2007 Jun 27

is all I know about it.... since you guys seem to like Japanese food... how about it..some more realistic reviews than restaurantica?



2008 Feb 13
I went here for lunch today based on a great review from my coworker.

I got the lunch special to go, where you pick 2 of 8 items for $9.99. Choices included tempura, edamame, chon (veggie pancake with dipping sauce), and 4 rolls (cali, avocado, spicy salmon, crunch roll).

I decided to go for 2 rolls, and picked the spicy salmon roll along with the crunch roll. The crunch roll basically consists of a avocado and crabstick roll briefly fried in tempura. The outside was still warm after trekking back to the office, but the fillings were cool. The salmon roll was simple, with nothing other than salmon and the red spicy sauce on top. Both were absolutely delicious! I also spoke with the cook, and you can tell that he does put a lot of heart into what he does.

Although the picture cannot do justice to how good it tastes, keep in mind that it probably looked a lot better before I started trekking through the snow for 3 blocks to get back to my office.

I will definitely be back to try some of their regular menu items soon.

P.S. Please ignore the fact that one piece of maki is already missing from the picture...I just couldn't wait.

2007 Nov 28
This place is really out of the way, its in the basement of a business building which kinda blends in next to the lord Elgn. But, don't let this fool you. Jade has the best cheap sushi in Ottawa, hands down, Joy has nothing on Jade. The sushi is well sized, always extremely fresh, and the miso before hand is excellent. I've talked with the cook, and sure he isn't asian (his wife is though, and she is the other cook) but he is a real stickler for fresh fish, you can really tell he truly cares about quality. This is my spot, and I hope more people check it out.