Foods from Tommy's Dining Lounge


2008 Oct 28
Ate here last week with the family. It was a Sunday night at about 6:30 and the place was pretty empty other than a few regulars at the bar.

The menu was HUGE. This often worries me, because I think how can a restaurant that isn't busy keep ALL that food fresh, and can it all possibly be good?

I settled for the Steak Sub with sauteed mushrooms and onions and garlic sauce. It was actually quite delicious. The fries, however, weren't anything special, they tasted like frozen fries.

My son had the cheeseburger and it was portioned like it was for an adult. I had a bite and it was moist and tasty. My daughter had the lasagna - also huge, but tasty. My husband had a beef shawarma. He wouldn't share a bite with me, but he said it was "OK" (that is high praise from him).