A scape is the stem that shoots through the middle of a bulb of hardneck garlic.

Scapes or Garlic Scapes at New 168 Market
Scapes or Garlic Scapes
Scapes or Garlic Scapes
Where to get Scapes or Garlic Scapes

2010 Sep 21

2010 Sep 21
Iíve fermented many a vegetable using only a mason jar or a ceramic bowl and weighted plate, but using the appropriate fermentation device can reduce the likelihood, however small, that your batch will go awry.I use large gallon-sized glass jars fitted with carboys, and am saving up for a nice ceramic Harsch fermentation crock.These jars and crocks are specifically designed for fermentation. Consider this, would you use a cast iron skillet to boil pasta? Sure, you could, in theory, but that doesnít mean the skillet is optimal. So to with your equipment: yes, a mason jar works, but itís not necessarily optimal.If youíre serious about preserving the harvest through vegetable fermentation, save your money and pick up the right equipment.

2009 Jul 4
I got some garlic scapes from the CSA this week and figured I'd try a new canning experiment. I pureed them as best possible in a mini food processor, with a fair bit of oil. I did the first half with olive oil but then ran out, so did the next half with sunflower oil.

I got 4 x 250ml mason jars. Processed them at 15 psi, and let them sit in the canner a few hours before opening it up, as I always do for experiments. Looks like they turned out well - I look forward to opening a jar for pan frying stuff. The pressure canner should have rendered them tender - scapes are of course usually pretty tough.

Will report back when I try them.

2008 Aug 14
people of zee world: relax!
my comment was only a suggestion. of course i understand that not everyone can make it out to carp and yes, there is a hole in public transport. as for driving out there from downtown ottawa, if 3+ people car pooled the trip would take about 20min and gas costs, as well as trunk space could be shared. t'is only an idea....

2008 Aug 14
Not fair to Allium to lump it with Beckta in the uber-expensive category. It's definitely alot more affordable, and is very delicious. Monday tapas night.

2008 Aug 12
perhaps we need a rides offered / needed option here at OF? :)

and just to be a devil's advocate, its close to $6-7 to take a bus 2 ways. Not everyone can take public transit, btw (and that opens up another huge political discussion).

2008 Aug 12
Maybe I was a little to sensitive in my response to New User 1187.

The only point I was trying to make is "Cheaper is not always cheaper" and there is a quite a socio-economic strata here at Ottawa Foodies.

Not all of us can eat where we want when we want.

2008 Aug 12
I think User 1187's comment on recommending the Carp Farmer's Market is totally fine. Not everyone reading OF has to DRIVE to Carp. Some may actually live there or, like me, can cycle there from downtown Ottawa...or wherever.

2008 Aug 12
Hey NEW USER 1187:

The Carp Farmers Market better be A LOT cheaper.... it will cost me 6 to 7 bucks of gas to run my 6 cylinder, out there and back. And I would rather cycle in the Gatineau's instead.

Not all foodies have deep pockets.

Maybe that's what keeping me out of Beckta, Allium, Juniper, Absinthe etc etc.

I think I'll try my 'back door' trick again....

Hang out at the back door of top shelf resto's and befriend the smoking staff with my huge foodie knowledge. Usually good for leftovers and/or samples. A little hutz-pa and humor can go along way.

Oh well....

2008 Aug 12
User 1187 - Please be sensitive to the fact that Lansdowne Market (or Parkdale) is for some Ottawa Foodies their only option... Carp Farmer's Market is out of the question if one has to rely on public transportation... as far as I know there isn't a bus that goes there early on a Saturday morning.


2008 Oct 1
The ones from New 168 Market are both ecconomical and nice and 'garlicky'.

They are labelled "Garlic Roots" in English and are located just above the baby bok choi.