Foods from Louisiannie's


2012 Sep 13
Fresh Foodie - thanks for the correction :-)

2012 Sep 4
Jojo, from :

We have moved to our new Restaurant in Richmond.

Casa Di Zia Mia (My aunt’s House) will be opening August 1, 2012 for dinner.

We wanted to thank everyone who made Louisiannie’s one of Stittsville’s favourite restaurants.

Presumably, NOLA French Quarter Eatery is the old Louisiannie's location with new owners...

2012 Sep 4
Actually, Louisiannie's (Stittsville) is now NOLA French Quarter Eatery, not Casa Di Zia Mia. Similar menu, same location - 1518 Stittsville Main street.

2012 Aug 28
This restaurant has closed/moved and is now Casa Di Zia Mia ( in the village of Richmond.

2011 Jun 26
Went there Saturday night with my wife and we both really enjoyed it. We've been living in Stittsville for 5 years and it was our first time there, we now regret not going there before!

Had the crab dip and crab cakes as a appetizers, crab cakes were good but we both preferred the crab dip. She had the catch of the day (cod with crab on it and mashed potatoes instead of rice) and I had the cajun combo (not 100% sure about the name) which had catfish, jambalaya and crawfish. We shared a pecan pie for dessert (made by the owner) and were both really happy with our meals. Service was great. Our meals were quite hot when they were served which was great.

They've got kids meal but it's a bit like the usual meals in chain restaurant, I may simply ask them to share an adult plate instead.

Price was ok, considering that we could have spent the same amount in a chain restaurant and have bland food...

I recommend you give this place a try and as I said I regret not having tried it earlier. I'll definitely be back and hopefully it will be as good..

2010 Feb 21
I like the atmosphere in this little restaurant. Very friendly and attentive service and we like supporting local businesses. The appetizers are great. I was a bit disappointed with my catfish portion size since I love a big serving of fish. But I have to say they make the BEST mashed potatoes I have ever eaten in my life. I needed more veggies too. I like to overeat a bit when I go out - it makes me feel that it was worth paying a sitter to look after our children! I plan on going for the 'all you can eat mussels' on Wednesdays!

2008 Nov 24
Went for dinner with family (including kids). Service was great. Food was good. Decor was ... meh.

The mashed potatoes were amazing! The bread sticks tasted a little "Pillsbury-ish" but were still good. I would highly recommend the Jambalaya.

I wish more restaurants would put some more thought into the kids menu's. Why would I take my kids out for cajun and then get them chicken nuggets (from frozen!) and fries? What's wrong with offering a small serving of jambalaya or a couple of crab cakes to kids? I want my kids to experience different types of cuisine, which means I have to order them adult meals to split (sans the free drinks and ice cream for dessert). Just a peeve of mine...

2007 Sep 25
One of the few Cajun restaurants in the city. The open concept kitchen makes it feel as if you're eating in someone's house at their dining room table. I had the crab cakes app, and a seafood pasta for a main. A satisfying meal but nothing memorable. I wish I had tried something different like the catfish or jambalaya. Service was friendly. I'd like to go back and sample some of their more authentic cajun fare.

2007 Jun 19
surpisingly nice place decor is good, washrooms were flooded and well...sounds like the owners are trying to sell...

nice quaint country restaurant with the ability to put together some intersting home cooked bistro type food.... country kitchen style, like restaurants in Vermont.