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Although we think of Ice Wine as a Canadian product, it is infact in made in a variety of places worldwide (mostly in the Northern Hemisphere). Vidal is the most commonly used grape in Canada, but with patience and dedication ice wine can be made from a variety of grapes (including reds).

Ice Wine is an excellent "after dinner" drink by itself, or matches well with dessert.

Where to get Ice Wine

2009 May 19
Icewine is available all year round at the LCBO

2009 May 18
They do have it at the LCBO? But only seasonally. But I mean, it is "seasonal."

2009 Mar 3
Ice Wine is most often one of "those items" that accompany a special meal such as Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas... in our case the recent occasion was Valentines.

Ice Wine, is always a great accompaniment to a decadent dessert... this year we mixed it up a little, and had a simple cheesecake and went with Waupoos Maple Ice (2006). Labeled as a mix of Vidal Ice Wine infused with PECounty Maple Syrup (actually from the family farm & sugar bush right across the street from the Winery).

This was a great ice wine... smooth and sweet, but not overpowering. The mixture of the two flavours complimented each other nicely... if I see other infused ice wines in the future, I might try them as well.

I enjoyed Maple Ice so much I will be looking for another bottle on my next visit to the Waupoos Winery.

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NOTE: According to the Waupoos Website the 2007 vintage is based on Geisenheim Grapes... curious to discover the differences.