Foods from Pure Joy Sushi

2011 Jul 19
We LOVE Pure Joy. They have great prices and great genmacha green tea. I always get their gyoza, veggie california rolls, salad rolls and shrimp tempura rolls. Their Pho is not the best...
they are open everyday until at least 9pm.
Im there minimum once a week!

They have also completely changed their atmosphere, nice leather chairs, dark chocolate walls. Very nice.

2008 Nov 8
Stopped in with my wife for an afternoon sushi pig out.

The service was very quick, veggi tempura to the table within 5 minutes. It was a mix of eggplant, yam, zuchini and possibly eddo/eddam? (a starchy veg anyways), served with sauce. Very good.

We ordered a large variety of rolls (no sashimi ordered today) and we were happy with all of them. Fresh tasting, nicely plated, but not too fancy. I enjoyed my avocado shake too.

They added extra wasabi and pickled ginger to our take home plate.

The atmosphere leaves a little to be desired (a bit too bright, and plastic chairs) but very clean.

I'll happily go back and may take advantage of their delivery service too. It's not a place for a cozy dinner, but fast, fair and fresh.