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A west African berry that temporarily changes the way your taste buds work. Lemons taste like candy, tabasco sauce tastes like doughnut glaze, and brussels sprouts taste like fruit.

Miracle Fruit
Where to get Miracle Fruit

2010 Oct 13
I got my plant from MiracleFruitHut there website is www.Miraclefruithut.com my cousin got one too and he lives out in Toronto, its a great plant it really is and so fun to grow the berries and experiment regularly with them, They do the mberry tablets there too which is the cheapest option but still great to experiment with.

2008 Dec 24
I've been working with the freeze-dried version of miracle fruit. This is easier to portion, does not go bad, and has the same effect on the tongue. Two things though: miracle fruit itself does not taste like much. It is more about the taste it gives things that are eaten afterwards; and while it is true that it turns sour things sweet, from my experience it doesn't actually do much for bitter foods.

The sweet taste perception takes effect immediately and lasts for about 20 minutes. I've actually done shots of straight vinegar and lemon juice that tasted in balance.

2008 Dec 24
[NOTE: This post is pretty much spam but I'm leaving it in case it's useful to anyone. -FF]

Hey everyone!
This Miracle Fruit is amazing. I just ate it before drinking a beer and wow, the flavor was so sweet. Miracle Fruit makes any food that is acidic, bitter, hot and sour taste sweet. It is a unique and all natural product. This is the greatest tasting fruit that I have ever found. It can be used for so many things. The uses are endless. Just be creative and experiment. They even give you next day shipping, if you order by a certain time. If anyone needs the web address, here it is

Check it out and let me know what you think.

www.miraclefruitman.com also sells a freezed dry version at the lowest price around. This is the only nursery in the United States. They have next day delivery and if you can't eat the fruit right away, you can freeze it for up to three months. The customer service and quality of the product are outstanding. Check out the website for more information. It is very imformative and interesting. They sell the fruit for the lowest price, highest quality and very fresh!

2008 Oct 31

Not sure if you are still looking for miracle fruit, but I just came across this blog post about miracle fruit.

Maybe you can try contacting them to see where they got it? Just an idea.



2008 Aug 12
Now available in tablet form on ThinkGeek!


Somebody else order these so I don't have to.

2008 Jul 18
Re: Stevia, if you want to use it as your sweetener, be prepared to try a couple of brands before you find one you like.

The sweetness of Stevia depends greatly on the amount of stevioside (the bitterness-imparting compound) and the amount of rebaudioside A (the sweetness-imparting compound) present in the mix. Too much reb A and it doesn't matter how sweet it is: it'll fuzz your mouth up something fierce.

2008 Jul 17
Interesting bit on the miracle fruit, Id like to try that myself. If you are looking for an underrated sweetner, calorie and glycemic neutral, pick up Stevia, seems expensive until you put it to use, a few grains offers plenty of sweetness. Rumor has it that the sugar lobby has also managed to block this from the mainstream market, its picking up, but is still mostly found in the health food stores.

2008 Jul 17
You may buy the plant itself in Canada by calling (905) 895-8663 and (800) 565-2342 or going the website: cassidyflowers.com/

It is the only place in Canada you can buy the plant.

2008 May 29
Read about it here: www.nytimes.com

Here's a dealer: www.miraclefruitman.com

Conspiracy theorists say that the sugar industry influenced the FDA to squash approval of this miracle product for dieters and diabetics: news.bbc.co.uk

So... has anyone tried this berry? Any chance one can buy it locally? This sounds like the foodie version of recreational drugs! ;-)


2009 Jan 1
Chef Marc Lepine opted to share some of his miracle fruit with his restaurant's New Years Eve diners. Pretty cool!