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2008 Jul 1
Again, this crispy beef with sesame seeds was excellent! Good portion size. I should say that this dish is one of their chef's trademark dishes. Thumbs-up!

2007 Mar 2
We ordered the "Crispy beef with sesame seeds" dish tonight. If you like sweet and sour and a little bit spicy taste, you will like this dish.

2007 Jan 1
The Szechwan Crispy Beef with Sesame Seeds was excellent, and was the first plate to become empty at our table!



2009 Jun 18
My husband and my sons ordered their Prime rib from their Table d'hôte again (obviously they like their Prime rib). The price is now $41.90 and glad that it is only a small increase in price for this.

2008 Dec 16
When you order from their Table d'hôte menu (great value), I recommend that you try the Prime rib of Angus beef ($39.9) as your main. My husband gave me some to try and it was very tender and delicious. He ordered 285g and the portion was just right. Their mesh potato was as good as our previous visits.

2007 Oct 29
This is the Prime Rib. I tried one piece and was really melt in your mouth. I can't remember if he ordered 10oz ($39.90) or 20oz ($47.90). But it was huge and my son can't finish it.

2009 Nov 2
The Beef Rib Fingers (Intercostal) is on special ($6.35 per kg) and I grabbed a package right away. Tonight's dinner is curry beef rib fingers with potato. Yum Yum. Do you know where else sells Beef Rib Fingers in addition to T&T?



2006 Dec 2
At RMG's suggestion, we tried the "Caramelized Hoisin Beef". It's marked as a signature dish and costs $14.99, so it *must* be good, right? ;-) Wifey took one bite and was so put off that she didn't touch this dish again. I've seen this happen only once or twice before, and we've been dining out together for almost 17 years!

As for me, I'm a forgiving diner -- I try to enjoy whatever I'm given as much as possible. With this dish I was able to temporarily ignore the cloying sweetness and the overpowering soy sauciness so I could enjoy it. I ate several helpings, savouring the beef that was (for the most part) very tender. Mushrooms do go well with soy sauce and the strong tasting asparagus were able to hold their own against it too. But it's a shame that some of the asparagus had their tough stems left on.

2006 Nov 18
Try the Hoisin Beef--great flavor and contrast with the asparagus and mushrooms.