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Built in 1867 the Foley House and Mercantile once served as a major stop for stagecoachs and steamships making the trek from Kingston to Ottawa. Today it serves primarily cottagers and campers who vacation in the Rideau Lakes region.

Enjoy panoramic views of Upper Rideau Lake from either the Pub or in the summertime from the large outdoor deck & patio beneath the chestnut tree.

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2008 Jul 7
Stopped here on a visit to the Rideau Lakes region. Once inside the doors we were greeted by the friendly bartender. As it was hot July day we by-passed the indoor pub, in favour of a seat on the wonderful expanse of outdoor deck. After being seated, having the table wiped down and receiving menus, we waited for service.... and waited, and waited and waited some more. After about 15 minutes and noticing that our waiter had seated and served drinks to 3 other tables who arrived after us, it was time to vacate!

Surprisingly, no one talked to us on our trip back across the deck or thru the pub. I thought for sure someone would have noticed our departure.

Sad that the experience couldn't have been better, the setting is so lovely. Doubt we'll be back!