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Spring Rolls at Nokham Thai
Panaeng Curry at Nokham Thai
Foods from Nokham Thai

2015 Dec 5
I have been here three, four times over many years. Service does vary, but this week, I came for lunch with a friend and had a pleasant experience. The lunch menu is a table d'Hôte with a hot and sour soup as starter and a choice of main, among a good selection. We also had spring rolls because we were greedy. ;) The restaurant was nearly full.

2014 Jul 17
It would seem from the traffic on this vendor that no one cares about Nokham Thai. If you have not been to Nokham and you love Thai food, you are missing out. They have the best curry that I have tried in the city. I have found that curry at many of the popular Thai restaurants around Ottawa lack spice and richness. Nokham's curry is just a bit spicy and very rich and of course they will up the spice if requested. Other dishes of note are their Tom Kha Gai coconut soup as well as a spicy noodle dish Pad Kee Maow. The one thing that I might stay away from is their Pad Thai which is overly sweet.

2010 Aug 25
The food is ok but the services is the worst ever. So many fly in the restaurant and I even got one in my bowl while I was eating. I did not gotten any appology from the waitress at all. She said she has no control over the fly and very reluctant to replace a new dish.


2009 Jan 1
I have no idea why so many people have written good things about this place. The food is way below average. Service is horrible. We ordered pad thai, cashew shrimps and one rice to go with, and we were brought and charged for two. When we brought this to their attention, they said you've already eaten all of it. We hadn't, and we didn't care paying for it, but that was no way to respond. Also, it took forever for the main course to come after appetizer and then forever for the bill. Finally we had to just get up and walk to the counter and pay for ourselves. Food was not tasty at all, and they charge extra for the hot sauce. 0.75 mind you but that is just cheap. They might as well add it to the dish prices and just bring it. When they did bring it out, it is not a hot "sauce". It is sliced chillies in vinegar.

2008 Oct 16
I had been wanting to try NT for quite a while. I kept hearing it was the best place in Ottawa so I was quite excited. I went there for dinner last night. The overall experience was not what it had been built up to be. The resto is quaint. The service was good. The food however did not blow me away.

We started with the Nokham Thai spring rolls (I wouldn't bother ordering that again; nothing special at all), and also got the pad thai, a vegetable dish, a mixed seafood with veggies cooked in a pot, and a beef dish. The only dish that is worth giving a mention is the pad thai which was absolutely delicious! The rest were just ordinary and could be replicated at home. I have to say I was a bit blown away at the cost of the lemongrass tea which was $4.50 per person -- still it was very good.

I will give NT another try and order other items next time.

2007 Sep 29
Pleasant relaxed dining experience. Low level music nice buzz of chatter.
Food (Curried salmon, pad ruam mit(vegetables) and tod gratiem prik thai(chicken)) just top notch and served piping hot!!

Will be back very soon.

2007 Sep 14
We stopped by Nokham Thai on a Friday night as we had read some good reviews about this restaurant. It's in a plaza on Richmond Road next to House of Pizza.

The restaurant was fairly small and cozy and clean. The shop was mostly full of people, but there was room for a table for two. The smell in the room was terrific!

There were two main servers, pleasant, and reasonably good service overall given it was a smaller restaurant anyway (about a dozen tables).

The decor was typical of Thai restaurants in the area with a few ornamental doodads and wooden carvings,etc.

We ordered the #76 (shrimp and vermicelli with ginger and coriander) and #79 (red curry with shrimp, eggplant, basil, coconut milk, green peppers, and butternut squash) with an order of rice for two. This was plenty of food for 2 people.

The food arrived in reasonable time. Presentation was nice #76 came in a hot pot and the flavours was pretty strong. Shrimp on a bed of vermicelli - Lots of ginger and some other sauce. The shrimp was very well cooked (nicely butterflied and very tender and tasty). Overall, a nice dish.

#79 was the typical red curry coconut milk dish. I really enjoyed it -so did my wife. The sauce was a little sweeter than other similar dishes I have had at other Thai restaurants, but certainly made it that much richer and a little more memorable than other Thai restaurants.

The portion sizes of both dishes were a little small - but with the rice for two, it was more than enough food (I was stuffed - hate to see good food go to waste! haha). The sauces are very strong and aromatic so you tend to wolf down more rice to offset so you didn't really need whopping portions anyway. In any event, I like that kind of proportion of rice-to-main course.... Price after taxes but before tip was about $39 (2 dishes + 2 rice orders that they charged another $3.90 for) and only water to drink.... so it was a little more expensive but typical of Thai restaurants in Ottawa.

The other good Thai food I have tried in the area is from the Thai place in Centrepointe area (Nepean) cannot recall the name right now... and the other place is Phenom Phen in Kanata (hazeldean and terry fox)

Overall, very happy with this find, and will definitely go back and recommend to friends. To save a few bucks you could order takeout and cook your own rice at home....

2007 Jul 16
Nokham Thai has been on my "To Try" list and finally we tried their food last night with another couple after having Scandinavian baths at Le Nortdik in Chelsea.

Nokham Thai is located in a strip mall on Richmond. When we arrived at the entrace door, the review of Nokahm Thai by Ottawa Citizen's Anne Desbrisay was posted on the glass window closed to the entrance (an enlarged copy that you won't miss it). The title of the review was "Just one problem: Everyone wants Nokham Thai".

This place is small, but clean and tidy. The decor is neat as well.

This was our first visit to this place and our friends have been here many times. So, we let our friends order the dishes for us.

To begin our meal, our friends ordered Chicken Satay as appetizer. The chicken was overdone and a bit dry. But the spicy peanut sauce for dipping was very delicious. The price tag for 4 skewers of chicken was $9.95. So, the cost of each skewer was $2.50.

For the main dishes, our friends ordered the following (I hate myself for not bringing the camera since the food presentation was very good):

- Mango salad (#84): Shredded mango with couple shrimps mixed with fish sauce. In the beginning, I didn't find it spicy. But after 1 minute, my tastebud was awakened. Recommended you to try this dish.

- Gaeng Keow Warn (#40): This dish uses traditional green curry and cocnut milk to cook chicken with shredded bamboo shoots and Thai eggplant. Food was tasty. Since the portion was small, I found it a bit overpriced ($12.95).

- #80: I forgot what it was called. But it was red curry with coconut milk, chicken, shrimp and sweet basil steamed in a young coconut shell. We opened the shell cover and spooned off the content and mixed with our rice (nice steamed rice). Taste was great as well and I ate more rice because of this dish.

- Tilapia with sweet and sour sauce: This was their House Special written on the board. The taste was quite similar to the Chinese version. But I would prefer to reduce the the sugar amount. I think the sweet level was adjusted to please the majority. Anyway, another great dish!

For dessert, we had jackfruit cake. This was basically steamed sticky rice with coconut wrapped in pandanus leaves. The sticky rice was covered in a sweet coconut milk custard. It tasted good. But I still prefer the version I tried at Riz Restaurant in Toronto (same owner as Lemongrass).

Overall, this was a great meal! But the portion of each dish was not generous. Because each dish was spicy, we ate more rice than normal. So, our stomach was full even each dish has small amount of food.

They had 2 waitresses for the entire restaurant (max of 40 seats). So, the service wasn't very attentive, but prompt. I like what they wore.

Average price per person was around $30.

Note: Our friends told us that their Pad Thai is not very good. So, we didn't order Pad Thai (#57) here.

2007 Jun 17
Agree that this place is pretty good, but I find Thai food way overpriced for what you get. Think they have a sister/daughter restaurant now somewhere else....sort like like the sweet basil thing.....

I find the cheapest place for Thai is a place in the market called Bangkok Thai, I think. It's near Rideau, on Dalhousie... the west side. Run by chinese Thai's so they are not affected by the monopoly and controls on food exports from Thailand....

2007 Jun 16
In my opinion, the best Thai restaurant in town. Green curry, red curry, pad thai, jungle curry, spring rolls, satays, soups, all fantastic! Always my first choice for Thai.


2015 Dec 5
Big and crispy vegetable spring rolls. The flavour was ok. There are shrimp and chicken and vegetable options too. There were shrimp triangles too which I will try next time.

2015 Dec 5
The presentation was great with a nice salad arrangement and decorative carrots. The rice was soft and warm. The dish itself was flavourful and a bit spicy. It could have been medium spicy. I eat spicy so I don't really notice. ;) It's among the best in the city and I have tried a lot of panaeng chicken.