Toronto: Restaurant recommendation [Travel]

2007 Apr 14
We went to Toronto for the Easter long weekend. Spent most of the time eating in Scarborough and Markham area.

I tried to write down my restaurant experience last Monday. But stupid me must have hit the wrong button (probably back arrow) and I lost all I have typed. So, I was very mad and signed out.

Now, see if I remember what we ate. I didn't bring my camera. My son took few pictures using his cell phone.

#1 recommendation is Royal Teahouse (君皇茶坊) located in a small strip mall at Woodbine and Appliecreek. The address is 10 Applecreek Blvd., Markham. (Applecreek is on the north side of Hwy #7 and East of Woodbine.)

This place offers Dim-Sum for lunch and traditional Cantonese dishes for dinner. We went to this place for Dim-Sum last time we were in Toronto. This time we went to Royal Teahouse for dinner.

This restaurant is very “unconventional” for a Chinese restaurant (actually the trend for Chinese restaurants in Toronto has changed to very modern decor). You will find a lot of square tables instead of round ones.

You will find many dim-sum dishes that are not offered in Ottawa. For those who like dim-sum very much, this is a place that you must try when you go to Toronto. But be reminded to arrive before 11:30 AM to avoid the line-up.

The photo shows the outside of the restaurant so that you can recognize it and easy to spot it when you go to Markham area.

I have more in a separate submission since I don't want to lose what I typed again.

2010 Sep 30
Our new discovery and our new favorite for Chinese restaurant in Toronto (Scarborough) is Maple Yip Seafood Restaurant.

One of their specialty is Pork with Preserved Vegetable (梅菜扣肉) (see photo). If you have seen Ang Lee's Eat Drink Man Woman, this dish is one of the dishes the father (a senior chef) cooked in the opening scene.

(That pork dish is shown at time 1:18 to 1:40 and finished plate is shown at 2:11 to 2:30).

I tried to cook this dish few times at home. Every time my kids (incl. my husband) saw this dish, they will say "Oh! Fat Pork! Lucky day". I seldom cook this dish in view of cholesterol. Last time I cooked this dish, I followed the movie's trick to use ice cubes to cool down the fried pork before stewing the pork (didn't steam the pork like in the movie). It turned out to be the best I've cooked. The fat is really melt in your mouth.

You can buy those pork from Kowloon Market (I have stopped buying T&T's meat because I found that the quality was not that good any more).

Address of the restaurant:
Maple Yip Seafood Restaurant (陸羽海鮮酒家)
4227 Sheppard Ave East, Unit B2
Scarborough, Ont. M1S 5H5
Tel: 416-297-1438

P.S. My friends went to this place for dinner as per my recommendation and also ordered this dish. They phoned me from Toronto to thank me for the recommendation after the dinner. My friend told me that her husband hasn't eaten this dish for 20 years. Her husband told me that next time he goes there, he will also order takeout so that he can enjoy the dish in Ottawa again. (Also note that you are advised to make advanced reservation. My friend had to wait for an hour for their table. This is a very authentic Chinese restaurant and hence I only see Chinese customers inside. The inside is very plain and no fancy deco.)

2010 Sep 30
In addition to the fat pork dish with preserved vegetable, other dishes we tried at Maple Yip Seafood Restaurant were:

- Fried green beans with spicy minced pork (see photo - not bad)
- Beef Tendon Stew pot (another dish I recommend)
- Steamed walking chicken (nothing special to write about, very typical)

You may try the following dishes:
- Bird Nest with Chicken, Shrimps, and Broccoli (see photo at Flickr that I found at:
- BBQ chicken (see flickr photo at:

Hope you will try this restaurant one day and let me know if you like my recommendation.