Toronto: Restaurant recommendation [Travel]

2007 Apr 14
We went to Toronto for the Easter long weekend. Spent most of the time eating in Scarborough and Markham area.

I tried to write down my restaurant experience last Monday. But stupid me must have hit the wrong button (probably back arrow) and I lost all I have typed. So, I was very mad and signed out.

Now, see if I remember what we ate. I didn't bring my camera. My son took few pictures using his cell phone.

#1 recommendation is Royal Teahouse (君皇茶坊) located in a small strip mall at Woodbine and Appliecreek. The address is 10 Applecreek Blvd., Markham. (Applecreek is on the north side of Hwy #7 and East of Woodbine.)

This place offers Dim-Sum for lunch and traditional Cantonese dishes for dinner. We went to this place for Dim-Sum last time we were in Toronto. This time we went to Royal Teahouse for dinner.

This restaurant is very “unconventional” for a Chinese restaurant (actually the trend for Chinese restaurants in Toronto has changed to very modern decor). You will find a lot of square tables instead of round ones.

You will find many dim-sum dishes that are not offered in Ottawa. For those who like dim-sum very much, this is a place that you must try when you go to Toronto. But be reminded to arrive before 11:30 AM to avoid the line-up.

The photo shows the outside of the restaurant so that you can recognize it and easy to spot it when you go to Markham area.

I have more in a separate submission since I don't want to lose what I typed again.

2010 Sep 30
In addition to the fat pork dish with preserved vegetable, other dishes we tried at Maple Yip Seafood Restaurant were:

- Fried green beans with spicy minced pork (see photo - not bad)
- Beef Tendon Stew pot (another dish I recommend)
- Steamed walking chicken (nothing special to write about, very typical)

You may try the following dishes:
- Bird Nest with Chicken, Shrimps, and Broccoli (see photo at Flickr that I found at:
- BBQ chicken (see flickr photo at:

Hope you will try this restaurant one day and let me know if you like my recommendation.