T&T Supermarket Opening Oct 28 2009 [General]

2009 Oct 13

a place to grab more unique ingredients and produce...


2009 Oct 28
According to CBC, hundreds of people flooded T&T today, and people can't even find space for parking.

I didn't go (although I was tempted to go). Considering the H1N1 alert, it's best to stay away from the crowds.

I was told that 1,000 kg of lobster was sold out today. My friend's university son went there and bought about 8 lobsters in total. I have the privilege of sharing the lobsters that my friend's son bought (see the photos).

If you want to see how T&T looks like and the crowd from today's lineup, you can click on the link below (some Chinese words and just keep scrolling down to see the photos).

I am so happy to see so many Asian fruits.

P.S. Ron Eade has a coverage on T&T's opening and the YouTube slideshow:

2009 Nov 3
This is one of the inside scene at T&T on day 5 (around 3:30PM).