Road Tripping...New England [General]

2012 Jul 12
Happy Mouth is on the move at the end of the month! Road tripping though New England will take us to Burlington, VT., Portland ME., Boston, MA, Providence, RI., Saratoga Springs, NY. and Lake Placid, NY. Suggestions on sights and food welcome!

2012 Aug 4
Is it possible that the best fried chicken in the world comes from upstate New York? It just might, especially with the Pedigree of the place we went to.

We showed up on the biggest weekend in Saratoga Springs, starting the horse racing month of August with a yearling auction on Monday. We got the last room in the city, and happened upon a beautiful town in full swing.

New Post: Saratoga Springs - Great mexican food and perhaps the best fried chicken we've ever had.

2012 Sep 16
Ask locally wherever you go for the best local donuts. Guaranteed they will all impress you if all you've experienced is Timmy's or Suzy Q.