Toronto Trip [Travel]

2011 Sep 25
over the weekend, Happy Mouth visited Toronto, and reviewed Scott Conant's Scarpetta and had a lovely Cuban lunch at Delux. If you're curious, take a gander:

New Post - Toronto in September - another Food Network Star's restaurant.

2011 Sep 28
Love your blog post and appreciate the review. I've been hesitant to eat at Conants restaurant because I find him really arrogant on Chopped, especially when someone uses raw red onions and he goes off about them ruining food! Based on your review, I might give it a chance.

If you're back in Toronto and want to have an Italian meal that is the complete opposite, portion and price wise, let me know...I know a great place.

2011 Sep 28
Thanks for the feed back. We feel exactly as you do about The red onion thing and no cheese on seafood. I love fresh Parmesan on clam linguine. Parmesan was not offered on any of the three pasta dishes ordered that evening, two of which contained seafood. I would have liked the choice.

We get to Toronto as much as possible as our eldest lives there. If you follow the blog regularly you know we love authentic food, especially in dives, so please pass on your recommendation....

2011 Sep 28
I had an experience in Italy in regards to Parmesan on seafood pasta, the waiter stopped my BIL from "ruining" the dish with it...even though his preference would have been to use it. I totally get where you are coming from.

Not really a dive, but delicious, authentic Italian food at reasonable prices...7 Numbers on Eglinton ave west (near Avenue Rd). Have the family style meal for 30 something bucks. You get calamari, a few salads, a few types of pasta (best veal lasagna in the world!!) and then choice of main with sides of veggies. Tell them Stuart sent you...I travel to Toronto for work frequently and eat there at least once a month. Everyone I've sent there has loved it! Make sure you go to the one on Eglinton west though, theres one on the Danforth that's not as good IMO.