Fatboys Southern Smokehouse
Fatboys Southern Smokehouse
Fatboys Southern Smokehouse
Fatboys Southern Smokehouse
Fatboys Southern Smokehouse
Fatboys Southern Smokehouse
Fatboys Southern Smokehouse
Fatboys Southern Smokehouse
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2012 Jan 12
That post on Facebook was three hours ago probably after management read something on urbanspoon they didn't like,the reviews I question were posted two days ago.

2012 Jan 12
It's possible that the positive reviews are from genuine fans, because here's what it said on their facebook page today that could account for large numbers of good reviews on urban spoon. Doesn't mean that they aren't genuine:

"Hi there friends ... I would love your HELP - There is a great restaurant critic site called Urban Spoon, but the problem is that sometimes the only people that take the time to write on it are the ones with bad experiences ... Fatboys has some great reviews and some bad ones, which we certainly don't mind since we have only been open a month ... but I could really use your help by going to the site and LIKING us, or even better sharing a great experience you had a Fatboys ... we have had over 5200 people try us in the last month and an overwhelming positive great feedback, but we still have lots to improve on and we're working on it ... most of our bad reviews we're in the first two weeks of being open - Seriously??
Help us out if you believe that we are a great addition to the Byward Market and to the Ottawa dining scene - Cheers and Thanks ... please pass it on"

2012 Jan 11
The post complaining about the pubs with the great selection of beers and saying they weren't pretentious about them struck me as suspicious after my mini-rant here. It looks like most of them got deleted. Plus they're not officially open to the 25th? Really?

2012 Jan 11
Had to chuckle when reading reviews of this place on Urbanspoon today. Seven new reviews in one day all sounding similar in their praise. Gee it couldn't be management rebutting bad reviews to try and pull one over on the public nonsense I'm sure it was just the pit master doing a great job at lunch LOL!

2012 Jan 11
I decided that for my birthday supper, the only that would do is a pile of barbequed meats. Now, I have sung my praises of the other BBQ restaurant in Ottawa, so I decided to try out Fatboys with my parents and cousin, and see if they could fill my meat craving as well.

Well, let me start off by saying that we practically ordered everything on the menu. In order.

Honestly, not that great of a selection. I was not impressed by it. I would have loved to see some local/craft beers (Mill Street, Beau's, Kitchissippi) but I understand sticking to the basics for the time being.

Okayish. I'm not really a big poultry fan much of time anyways, so, I don't really feel comfortable talking about it.

PULLED PORK: Pretty decent. I mean, it could be a little salty on it's own, but it's not like it was the kinda crap PP you pick up at loblaws or something

I did enjoy them, they were fall off the bone, they were juicy, they were smoky. Not the greatest again, but very good

Amazing! Juicy, tender, packed with flavour, even before I sauced them. Melt in my mouth delicious. If I go back, that's what I will order for myself again.

White bottle: Standard BBQ sauce. Kinda sweet, little kick, but I dunno, didn't seem that special
Red Bottle: Spicy BBQ sauce. All I got from it was heat, without much flavour.
Yellow Bottle: Mustardy. I am weird and don't like mustard much. However, I did enjoy this sauce on the pulled pork, so there is some upsides to it.

Tomato Cucumber Feta Salad: Not bad, palette cleansing
Fries: They're fries. Not under/overdone.
Bacon Mac and Cheese: Very Creamy and cheesy, but I would have liked a little bit more bacon
Creamy Coleslaw: Nice and creamy, and nice clean taste
Shrimp: A. Cold. B. Couldn't taste any seasoning C. Shells were realy hard to remove. The only thing of the meal that I can definately say was a miss.
Cornbread bites: Delicious. Nice and dense, and the butter had the faint trace of maple to it for me. I enjoyed them.

I got a small peanut butter chocolate cupcake with a candle in it. So what I turned 24? My pretending to be an adult was the beer. I get to be a small child who wants birthday cake once a year...

Anyways, the cake was very good, and I really enjoyed it.

Me and my family were in agreement. While Fatboys was by no means bad, it unfortunatly pales in comparison to the Smoque Shack. If it had openned first, it would be my go to restaurant in the market. If they had a better beer selection, or maybe more unique bbq sauces, it'd be a serious competitor. Unfortunatly, I live my local brews, I like Smoque's sauces and meats better. Sorry. If you are looking for BBQ, and you do like mustardy sauces, go for it!

2011 Dec 20
I think they are working out a few bugs Ken V. Our waiter said as much. Still no excuse if you are open and taking money. We will definitely go back as our experience was overall positive and the ribs we had were as pictured and excellent. Sides need improvement and we will certainly try different ones next time. I'm curious about the chicken and catfish but a little hesitant after your review. Hopefully it was just an off night.

2011 Dec 20
I do hope my experience was not the norm. No local beers was a bit of a surprise. Think I will wait for more pics before I visit again. The ribs we got sure didn't look like the ones posted by HMB:(

2011 Dec 20
Was there for dinner last week, Wednite - i think they had been open less than a week.

In contrast to the below review, this was overall a positive experience and i would go back.

Let's get the obvious out of the way... this is a bigger, brighter, more open, louder place than the Smoque Shack. Beyond a common point of origin for the food, these two places are very different and i'm going to avoid comparison for now at least.

The look is 'massive southern dining hall'... red and white check tablecloths, high ceiling with exposed vents, open kitchen, bar taking up most of the far wall. It's bright and loud in a sports bar kind of way and this isn't a bad thing - it works as long as you weren't gunning for close intimate romantic dining... full points to the dude behind us breaking up with his girfriend... we couldn't hear a word and initially assumed her tears were due to the hot sauce.

Our waiter 'Max' was great - knew the menu, made suggestions, acknowledged they hadn't been open long and was happy to give us small tastes of anything we were wondering about, chatty without being annoying and checking in regularly.

The Rolling Rock on tap was a nice change.

We had the fried green tomatoes to start. Eight disks of fried/breaded tart tomato with goat cheese and a truly evil in house white bbq sauce that could make cat poo taste like heaven. I can't quite decide how i felt about the goat cheese, but the overall taste was a deep fried saucy winner.

We then shared a combo platter... three meats, three sides, just under $30. I haven't had 'dry' style ribs in a while and these were great. Tasty, coated in a not overpowering spice rub with just a bit of kick. The pulled pork was good, not the best i've had but solid, not fatty, and the beef brisket was awesome even before the sauce got there.

Sauces are on the side... standard bbq sauce was nothing special, hot/spicy was good, mustard was great, the 'white sauce' from the tomatoes that our waiter thoughtfully brought us more of unasked was pure happiness in evil sauce form and made everything better including our fingers.

Sides we tried were an excellent vinager slaw, a bit spicy, very tasty, so much so that we ordered more... a bacon/mac/cheese that was good, and unimpressive cornbread that was saved by serving as a very conveinient white-sauce-to-face delivery system.

Cost for two people one app, combo, small jug of beer was just under $60. Would go back, would send others, am happy to see Ottawa get a new bbq place and i hope the negatives mentioned below are just startup issues that can be surpassed so they can win over a customer base.

2011 Dec 19
I was gonna take out some BBQ yesterday, I called this place only to be told 'sorry, no takeout'. Ken's pics are horrendous. I think I'll be skipping this place, nothing looks good.

2011 Dec 19
Looking at the pictures, I'm not inclined to visit. I like my ribs and wings sticky with sauce.

These look kinda dry and overcooked (which seems to be an issue in Ottawa....)

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