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Opened Summer of 2009, this is an Italian Bistro in the centre of Manotick (the Walk). The building features a unique tree lined courtyard patio.

The lounge area offers weekend events including live music and entertainment or televised sporting events.

They also have a Private Dining Room that sits 45 people.

La Piazza Courtyard & Lounge (Manotick)
La Piazza Courtyard & Lounge (Manotick)
La Piazza Courtyard & Lounge (Manotick)
Foods from La Piazza Courtyard & Lounge (Manotick)


2012 Sep 7
Wonderful food, great patio (one of the best in the area). We took their limousine service to the restaurant and enjoyed a great meal and then were driven back home afterwards.

THere was a group of 8 of us and we celebrated my husbands birthday. We were all well taken care of by the owner and the wonderful chef. The food was expertly prepared, beautiful fresh pasta with tangy tomato basil and garlic. Simple and beautiful.

We enjoyed a lovely evening on their patio and listened to the great latino band that played that night.

2012 Sep 4
And here we go again with the shill...

2012 Sep 4
The folks at the nearby hotel recommended La Piazza since our group of 11 really didn't want to drive to far and were hoping for some good pasta.

What a wonderful treat to sit and talk with the family patriarch and owner of the restaurant while we were waiting for our table. The photos that cover the walls tell the story of a warm and close knit family that have operated this restaurant together for years.

The gnocci was superb and reminded me of a cooking class we took in Rome - I've never attempted to make it at home, but having it at La Piazza might inspire me!

From the eggplant parmigiano special to the manicotti and special order pasta for a few of our group - I have nothing but good things to say. The service was also excellent.

If we are ever back in the area again - we'll make a special point to go to La Piazza

2012 Sep 4
This was one of the top 3 restaurants I have ever been to. The service was Excellent! The atmosphere was Ideal! The price reasonable for the experience. Would recommend this to anyone! The restaurant has the most beautiful patio setting, it's huge and they had a really nice band the night that we were there.

2012 Jun 24
Not this again!

2012 Jun 22
We visited La Piazza Courtyard for the first time recently to celebrate a special birthday. It proved to be the ideal spot.

The cooking is of a very high standard, the service is efficient and unobtrusive, and the ambience is of a family restaurant.

The main menu, which can be found on-line, is fairly extensive, the daily specials are advertised at the restaurant and are exceptional. When you are seated the staff bring a basket bread, you can request olive oil and balsamic. The bread is astonishing: it is baked in the pizza oven and is fresh, warm and beautifully seasoned with herbs. We could have eaten this all night.

Among the other highlights were the Antipasto Platter and the mussels, salmon, (light, delicate, and flavorful), Steak with Gorgonzola, chicken la piazza and veal saltimbocca. The steak, in particular, was superb. One look at the dessert list and we said, yes, we’ll have all of those! Portion sizes were satisfying.

The wine list is very strong on Italian wines of all regions and prices. It was very clear that the staff take food and wine seriously and, while the restaurant is a very relaxed, homely place, you too are expected to take the food and wine seriously.

If ever we return to Manotick we will certainly return to La Piazza Courtyard.

2012 Apr 8
Ate lunch here with my family today. Service was really excellent - one of the owners really went out of her way to make us feel comfortable. I'd say very kid-friendly.

Insalata caprese had good tomatoes and good buffalo mozzarella - but a little surprised to see no fresh basil but pesto instead - I'm a purist for this dish. Gnocci with rose sauce was good. My wife had freshly made butternut squash ravioli with grilled chicken and she said it was fantastic. Tiramisu was ok.

We will definitely be back - the food was much better than Paesano's which is our other local option for Italian (and the service incomparably better). Will look forward to sitting out on the courtyard when it's a little warmer.

2012 Mar 20
I took my family to La Piazza on the weekend, the kids were in the mood for pasta...

Overall our experience was very pleasant. We arrived for lunch and were seated promptly, the server knew that with kids it's always best to be quick.

We were served warm bread within the first five minutes of being seated which gave everyone something to nosh on. When it came time to order our main course it was suggested that they can serve the kids plain pasta with either a tomato or butter sauce, the kids loved the butter sauce.

As for my wife and I - we're developed a little more sophisticated palate, so we opted for veal and chicken. Both dishes were really good, my wife's veal was tender, and the sauce was tasty without being overbearing and destroying the delicate flavor of the meat. My chicken was equally as good, being both juicy and not overly seasoned.

We must have looked completely haggard, as the owner came over and offered us a complimentary wine. Apparently it was a proprietary blend that's not available anywhere else, anyhow, it was rather nice and even better that we didn't have to pay for it.

We'll go back here because the food was good, service was attentive and the kids enjoyed themselves.

2012 Mar 14
...i would expect that sort of support from a clone...

...unless it's true, in which case nice to see Piazza is living up to the hype and I will perhaps try it when next in Manotick.

But just so we're clear I'M BRINGING MY ANTI-CLONE HAT!!!!

2012 Mar 14
OSoloMeal, I was one of the OFs who ventured out to Manotick with blubarry and lovetoeat to try La Piazza Courtyard and Lounge. Both blubarry and lovetoeat wrote very good reviews and I completely concur with their opinions on our experience. We really did go and it was an enjoyable evening all round. If I lived in Manotick I'd eat there occasionally but I probably wouldn't drive from Ottawa specifically to do so again.

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