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2009 Mar 7
Allium..great atmosphere and great chef

the prices are a bit steep and the portions are a bit smaller than id like

when i order a steak id expect it to be a bit heartier,
had bison here and it was cooked perfectly, beat out the steak at foundation and the social for me.
keep up the good work i will definitely be back and hope to find it a bit cheaper ( especially in light of today's economy)

2009 Mar 2
Finally tried this after hearing all the hype. I was hugely disappointed. At first glance when I walked in I thought the decor/ atmosphere was very poor but I heard the food was good and so I sat down and thought let see what comes next. I ordered a salad to start and duck for my entree. It was just ok. Not fabulous, not memorable just ok. In the end for the price I think there are other places I would rather spend my money on. At least I can say I have been.

2009 Feb 9
SO and i did our once every 6 week "splurge" here a couple nights following a movie, a second visit in the past couple months (the previous visit w/ 4 others). Echoing comments below, we left impressed and happy on both occasions.

Highlights included my stuffed peppers, filled w/ a quiona accented w/ a savoury/sweet flavoring i can't quite place, but delicious regardless. And, our starter was similarly simple-but-elegant warmed beet salad teased up w/ cheese (herbed goat i think), a braised/charred onion, sprinkles of pecans and other ingredients that pulled everything together. Again, delicious and arranged for balance.

The memorable dish from a previous visit was an eggplant parmesan: again, deceptively simple but done in a way that raised the bar (perhaps using Panko?). The 3 at our table who ordered this as a main came away hungry, not due to its skimpiness, but from having their plates poached by their so-called better halves. The indignity.

A minor quibble from the other night concerned the prep of the 2 fish duo (trout and tuna): a bit more oil/drizzle than she likes on fish, her prefs leaning toward a cleaner preparation that accents the flesh. And, for vegetarians, i'd prefer one or two more options in which cheese is less prominent.

These quibbles say more about us, though, and less about the food/preparation based on its own merit: we thought the ingredients excellent, the prep innovative / artistic, and overall, an enjoyable dining-out experience that's not an every night affair for us, but not exorbitant either.

I look forward to my next visit nibbling on their tapas some Monday in the not too distant future.

2008 Nov 17
My husband and I got married in September and had our post-reception dinner with family at Allium. Through the whole process of planning the set menu and preparing for the event, the staff and owner where incredibly helpful and accommodating (providing lots of vegan options for me).

On the big day, the service was great. The staff was attentive and very helpful.

The food was amazing!! Our families can't stop talking about it.

We had some trouble deciding where we would have this dinner, and boy, are we glad that we chose Allium.

2008 Nov 13
Went again for Tapas (Monday nights only). Wasn't as busy as the other times we've gone for Tapas. This time we had grilled shrimp, seared scallops, calamari, flat iron steak on crostini, creamy mushrooms, and a chicken skewer with garlic/& something dip. All very delicious, only a few point to make, the steak was all presented very well on the toasted bread, but you look like a total idiot trying to take a bite out of it like an appetizer, and really the meat needs to be cut because it is a tough cut...maybe it's just me..maybe everyone else was cutting theirs!! not sure, but anyways. Same comment as before about the Calamari sauce, it's kind of like a tartar sauce.

The chef is very inventive with the types of salsas and accompaniments for each item that you order, for example the seared scallops are on a white bean type salsa, very delicious and not something I would ever think of doing myself. The creamy mushrooms were very good, only one tiny piece of bread provided though, so we just ate them with some other thing we had ordered. I might be wrong but I think the prices may have gone up a tiny bit, because $5,6,7 mostly approx now for each tapas plate.

For Dessert I had cheesecake it looked like a vanilla with 1/4" of lemon on top. The man had olives for dessert which he loved, they are in warm oil with herbs I believe. The coffee is delicious also.

Towards the end of the meal, dessert time the items took a long time to come, but I believe it is probably a back up in the kitchen due to the amount of small plates they have to produce at one time and the many ingredients in each tiny plate.

Without Wine and taxes it came to $44. We had six small plates, then the dessert and olives. So if you are not big drinkers it's a good deal!

2008 Sep 1
And here's my main: Local maple-glazed quail breasts, with wild rice cakes, Mariposa chard and kale, raspberry jus, lemon-butter-glazed Mariposa beets, and crushed toasted pecans.

I enjoyed this thoroughly. A great combination of different tastes and textures (crisp rice cake, soft quail, crunchy pecans, etc.)

The breasts were boned (i.e. bone removed), but the wings were kept on. I perhaps enjoyed those wings a little too much, because I happily crunched away at them with my bare hands. They were like delicious, savoury after-dinner mints!

I had this with a Rhône wine (Syrah-Grenache) that I completely forget the name of and isn't on the web page. The wine pairing was a bit less optimal than the Riesling, I thought: I thought it needed a bit less sweetness and a bit more peppery spice in order to really hold up to things. In my mind, it would have been the "tang" component of the meal, because the dish was really savoury but without much sharpness.

We were sadly too full after our mains to get dessert. This upset me.

Fantastic time, with great, unobtrusive wait staff. Total bill for two appetizers, two mains, and four drinks came to about $140 before tax and Entertainment coupon. Well worth it.

2008 Sep 1
Ugh, so blurry. (I guess I was aiming at the table in front of it!)

Lake Erie white bass filets, with crispy skin, heirloom tomato salsa, creamed broccoli and onions, truffled potato puree, and fresh herb and lime dressing.

The fish was fairly strong, what with it being lake fish and all. A bit overpowering, even with the strong accompaniments. Still good, though.

2008 Sep 1
Here's my appy: Crab two ways.

On the left, chilled crab salad with mango, lime cream, and tomato relish. It was a great combination. The mango and lime stood out and was a great foil for the crab.

On the right, panko-crusted crab cake with guacamole and pickled onions. This one I liked a bit less, simply because the frying detracted from the crab flavour a bit. It was still delicious, just less crabby. Maybe some more pickle on the onions would help balance it out?

I had this with a Riesling that . . . oh bother, it's not on the web page. I want to say that it's "Gründerloch" or something similar. It was an off-dry styled Riesling that married with things perfectly. Accented the tropical flavours in the salad, and increased the savouriness of the crab cake.

2008 Sep 1
Went to Allium on Saturday for our anniversary (dating, not marriage) and had a great time.

Ordered a couple of drinks to get things started: she, a raspberry mojito (delicious); me, a glass of Domaine Cassagnoles Sancerre (also delicious, more minerally than most of the Sauvignons Blanc I've tried.)

Appetizer #1: mushroom tart. St. Ambroise cheese, portobello, oyster, and cremini mushrooms, roasted garlic, Ian’s greens, herb and lemon dressing, and truffled parsley cream. Savoury and peppery and lemony. Great crust on the tart.

2008 Jul 14
Had another successful dinner at Allium Saturday night. There is nothing better than knowing that when you feel like going out for dinner you have a place that you know everything will be fantastic and the evening enjoyable. That's what we felt like doing Sat night.

I started with a Kir Royale and Mr.KSW had a Beau's (on tap). Our apps were:

Beans on Toast: oyster, Portobello and cremini mushrooms, roasted shallots, riopelle cheese, roasted garlic puree, greens, charred onion and maple dressing, and some truffled white beans


Crab Lollipops: spicy with cilantro and jalapeno, chili aioli, guacamole, mango salsa, panko crust, sweet chili glaze

Both were delicious and perfectly presented.

Our mains were:

Richelieu Wild Boar Chop wrapped in bacon and roasted Mariposa garlic, sautéed organic beet tops and spinach, truffled broccoli and raw milk cheddar mac and cheese, honey and black pepper jus

Mr.KSW had this with the suggested wine pairing of Chablis (not on the site so not sure where from). He had never tried Wild Boar before and said this meal was outstanding.


Surf and Turf: crispy skin wild sockeye salmon, cilantro and lemon emulsion, black olive and mango salsa, marinated cucumber -grilled beef flat iron, onion, cauliflower and potato hash, spiced heirloom tomato bbq sauce

I had this with the suggested wine pairing of Zinfandel, Z52 Agnes Vineyard, 2002 California. This wine was amazing and paired perfectly well with the beef and salmon. The beef melted in your mouth as did the salmon.

I really wanted the lemon tart for dessert but was too full so we shared the flourless chocolate cake and got a banoffee pie to go which we enjoyed the next morning with coffee.

The meal was flawless and although we noticed that wait staff seemed to be all different than all our other visits, the service was very attentive and polite.

Total bill came to $144 minus $18 for our Entertainment coupon and plus tax and tip.

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2010 Oct 4
Pictures from my meal at Allium on Friday night! My super yummy dessert...banoffee pie! (If you have time check out my blog, , there is more about Allium!)

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2006 Oct 4
For a place that otherwise seemed happy to emphasize local and seasonal items, it was surprising to see only a few Canadian wines (2 red, 4 white, all from Niagara). Otherwise, the wine list seemed concise (like the menu) and well-balanced -- something for everyone.

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2012 Apr 13
Had an amazing salad here the other night for a light supper. There are many places that serve an upscale salad, several of which fall short. This one is stellar.

Referred to as “Lettuces” on the new spring menu, the large bowl was brimming with bibb lettuce with cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes but the flavours came from the mixture of cranberries, candied quinoa and carrot‐lemon puree and then lightly covered with a mint‐lemon dressing. To top it off it was beautifully presented with a smear of cranberry puree which looked like it had been painted onto the bowl.

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2008 Mar 20
I had the vegetarian lasagne currently on the menu (without the cheese). I was layers of grilled veggies, wild rice pancake, tomato sauce and something crispy (pasta perhaps?). That night, the butternut squash and apple soup was vegan, so I had that to start. I certainly didn't have the problem that I sometimes have when there aren't many veggie options on the menu where I come away hungry! I was offered a fruit plate for dessert (since none of the desserts were vegan). It was definitely plentiful and interesting in presentation with lots of variety of fruit. The raspberries were incredibly fresh and flavourful for this time of year.

2006 Oct 4
In the two different menus I've seen, Allium has had at least one creative vegetarian main; I tried one (with tofu served like a risotto layered with various vegetables). Appetizers, however, showed less creativity -- last time I went, only the soup and salad were vegetarian.



2013 Apr 5
Enjoyed the lunch burger yesterday. Thick, juicy, tasty seasoned patty, generous ingredients. Their little brown fries are pretty addictive too. A most hearty lunch for $14!