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2014 Apr 1
In a subsequent tweet Wagman quoted Josh (Bishop) saying they hoped to be open by April 16.

2014 Apr 1
Shawna Wagman (Ottawa Magazine) is reporting the Whalesbone news / rumour. Hope this site isn't her source, and hope the rumour is true!

Probably fair to mark Beech St Burger as closed and move this discussion elsewhere?

2014 Mar 31
Saw the paper and was wondering. Bummer i never got to try it but wouldn't be upset at all by another Whalesbone option.

2014 Mar 31
That would be fantastic if true. And bad for my wallet.

2014 Mar 30
Heard a rumour Beech St may be taken over by Whalesbone for a new brown bag lunch shop.

2014 Mar 28
Walked by today and the windows and doors are papered over. Facebook and website have no details about what's going on.

2014 Feb 13
We stopped here for a late lunch today. I had the bacon cheese baby burger and hubby had the Beech burger, the one with the double patty. It was disappointing to get a well cooked patty on a cold bun and a slice of cold, unmelted kraft cheese thrown on top., especially since we were the only ones in there. Plus, it was cool enough in there that we both kept our coats on. We also had an order of fries, and they were excellent. Too bad the burgs weren't as good.

2013 Sep 27
I've been back a few times. I always get the veggie burger - it seems to have grown slightly in size, so is very filling on its own. It is the best veggie burger I've had at all the burger spots. The fries have improved. Beech St is consistent, fast and the prices reasonable.

I have also added their website to this listing, if you'd like to check out the menu first. You can call in your order and then pick it up.

2013 Sep 26
Sometimes, man, you just want a burger. And this is the place to get that burger.

The people working were extremely friendly.

Our burgers, fries, and onion rings were extremely tasty. Nothing fancy: just a plain ol' flat-topped burger weighed down with one of those crazy burger-weighting-whatchamacallits.

Really pleased to see something so nice open up so close to our house. The best part, apart from it being walking distance? They take credit cards!

2013 Jul 20
Stopped by last evening and enjoyed our meals. Nothing fancy just burgers and dogs on the flat top. I had The Beech burger with cheese and bacon. Some nice crust on the burgers and lightly seasoned. I asked where the meat came from and was told it was local from Laverns. Just after I ordered another customer came in and he must have been a regular because he was told of a new burger offered the Capone. I enquired but my burger was ready. Oh well next visit. My baby poutine tasty, ratio of cheese to fries acceptable and the gravy was vegetarian. Pretty decent poutine. The fries are fresh cut and the oil is still new. New potatoes are being used so they are light in color after their hot grease bath. My only suggestion would be to butter that bun and fry it up along with the meat on that flat top. I chatted with the guy cooking and he mentioned a turkey burger was on its way with stuffing as a binder and cranberry sauce, yes he watches the food network. They seem open to new burgers when I mentioned stuffed burgers. Two can eat for under $25 and be full. Even in the rain people were coming in to order take out. Hope they do well since burgers in Ottawa seem to be a growing market.