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2013 Jul 20
Stopped by last evening and enjoyed our meals. Nothing fancy just burgers and dogs on the flat top. I had The Beech burger with cheese and bacon. Some nice crust on the burgers and lightly seasoned. I asked where the meat came from and was told it was local from Laverns. Just after I ordered another customer came in and he must have been a regular because he was told of a new burger offered the Capone. I enquired but my burger was ready. Oh well next visit. My baby poutine tasty, ratio of cheese to fries acceptable and the gravy was vegetarian. Pretty decent poutine. The fries are fresh cut and the oil is still new. New potatoes are being used so they are light in color after their hot grease bath. My only suggestion would be to butter that bun and fry it up along with the meat on that flat top. I chatted with the guy cooking and he mentioned a turkey burger was on its way with stuffing as a binder and cranberry sauce, yes he watches the food network. They seem open to new burgers when I mentioned stuffed burgers. Two can eat for under $25 and be full. Even in the rain people were coming in to order take out. Hope they do well since burgers in Ottawa seem to be a growing market.

2013 May 16
Thanks - Hopefully others reading this know of all those other options you suggested. I was just commenting that I thought it was a strange choice to switch from a food people eat regularly to a food people don't eat regularly. There are lots of people in my office who went to Danni Panini 3 times a week - they won't be eating burgers 3 times a week though. I feel pretty comfortable in my position that a regular sandwich customer will frequent an establishment more than a regular burger customer.


2013 May 15
AD_2 there are tons of sandwich places on Preston and near Preston. They are the only burger joint in the neighbourhood.

If you need a sandwich try the nutty greek, morning owl, direnzo's, simply biscotti, Luciano's, Nicastro's, art-is-in, plus options of Vietnamese subs and more.

2013 May 15
I ate here this week and was completely unimpressed with the service and the food.

I should preface this by saying that, from what I've read, the guy who ran Danni Panini is the same guy who runs this new place in the same place. He was not present when I visited, so perhaps I was dealing with replacement staff. Regardless...

I visited at lunch hour and ordered a chili cheese dog and a baby poutine. I ordered at 12:03 and there were 4 orders ahead of mine. Time passes and burgers are sold, dressed, bagged and the customers leave. After 10 minutes the cook asks me what I'm waiting for, so I tell him. He says I ordered a cheese-chili fries. I say no. No worries, he drops a hot dog in the deep fryer. (I would prefer it on the flat top, but oh well). In the meantime another customer orders a hotdog - which the cook then pulls out of the deep fryer, dresses, bags and gives to the woman who leaves. After another 7 minutes he remembers that I am waiting, as I'm one of the only people in the store and I've been there over 20 minutes now. He pulls it out, dresses it and the cashier woman prepares my poutine. I leave the restaurant at 12:28 - a wait of 25 minutes for a hot dog and fries. (The woman who ordered the hot dog was in and out under 5 minutes). So, to sum up, this particular duo of cashier and cook, while very friendly, did not impress me at all, and did not apologize for the wait, even after I'd asked them at least once what the delay was.

Now, to the food. It was gross.

By the time I returned to work to eat (a 2 minute walk) the runny chili had completely soaked the normal grocery store hot dog bun. I couldn't find any cheese. The wiener was sliced in half lengthwise and it was hard to wrangle, even while eating the dog with a knife and fork. The chili tasted good, but it needs to be much thicker to rest atop a bun.

The poutine - the fries were undercooked, not crispy, and cold. The gravy was bland, and the worst crime of all, it was cold. Therefore the curds, while ample, were not close to beginning to melt.

The prices were fine, but the whole experience was bad. Perhaps I should try again and just get a burger, but I don't think I'll rush back to do that anytime soon. Hopefully it was an off day for the place.

Also - people eat sandwiches every day. People do NOT eat burgers every day. What are they thinking with a burger place? It takes longer to make and people won't be as regular customers. Strange decision.

2013 May 13
I ate here last week and liked it. $6 for the loaded up Baby burger $6. I paid $2.50 for the small fries. Plenty of fries for me. So $8.50 for a filling lunch. Burger was juicy and the fries crisp. Burgers are local meat, handmade. Fries are said to be fresh cut.

I found this ad for Beech St. Burger. Just loved it. Check out this super cool ad.

I did a blog post write-up of BSB.

Not a big place, so seating could get tight.

I would go back.

2013 May 12
Was there yesterday after walking around the tulips and was fed like royalty. Had a Beech (double patty goodness) size bacon and cheese with fresh fries and it was worth every penny. The service was friendly, the dine in area is clean and ample. No more frozen burgers and fries for me!! I heard others say the fish and chips are worth coming back for.. only on Fridays.. I'll be there.

2013 Apr 29
Stopped in yesterday and had the cheeseburger. The single is a full quarter pound and was really good. This is not a fancied up gourmet burger, but is a nicely cooked, crisp outside, juicy beef burger. Cheese was creamy and melted to the perfect consistency. Served with your choice of toppings (I went for mayo, bacon, grilled onions and lettuce) on a toasted sesame seed bun.

We also had the onion rings, thin and crispy, and the parmesan fries. The fries were nicely cooked, but I would skip them next time in favour of the plain. Nothing wrong with them really, just not to my taste.

I will go back, and am looking forward to trying out the halibut fish fry that they do on Fridays.

2013 Apr 7
I had a veggie burger, which was homemade and similar to Dick's veggie burger. Smaller and more human sized, though. Husband had beech bacon cheese burger, which was two patties. Said it was similar to Hintonburger. Fries were fine but nothing special. They have been open less than a week and very friendly. Tables and booths and a large TV. No beer. We got take out.

I find it hard to get too excited over burgers and fries. These were good and I didn't find the prices unreasonable. I'll go back.

2013 Apr 7
Basically $12.75 for a bacon cheese and fries, in a place where I can't get a beer. Does one order at the counter?

But if it's good, ie. a lot better than Dick's which I find sorely underwhelming, I'd try it.

How was it HFF?

2013 Apr 6
Sorry for the pictures, I didn't realize how low-res and sideways they would be! My phone shows them right-side up.

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