This vendor no longer exists!

See also: Beech St Burger
A Whalesbone lunch counter at 40 Beech St.

Foods from The Beechbone


2015 Jan 5
Wow... that was FAST.

2014 Dec 13
Aww, that's too bad. That does seem like a tough part of town: lots of competition with Preston Street, and you're reliant on the weekday lunch crowd to stay alive. I guess it was hard to justify keeping it open if the sales were low and you can always direct people to the Whalesbone on Kent for the exact same stuff?

2014 Dec 10
Now closed. Monday the windows were papered up and sign above entrance has been removed. That didn't last long. I ate here a few times and enjoyed it. But it was never very busy at lunch...too much competition in the area? Location seems to be cursed as well...nothing lasts even a year.

2014 Jul 17
Beechbone will add burgers to their menu started Wed. July 23.

2014 May 8
Went here a couple days ago to check it out. I grabbed the large cod burger which was $11. The difference between the small and the large is the size of fish in between the bun.

It was quite good, with nice spicy relish. Very messy eating though, and I was fortunate to already have napkins at my desk.

I'm a bit torn as 11 bucks is quite high for a lunch given other options in the neighbourhood. The sandwich came with no side and I was still hungry after my small meal. There is a fish & chips option which may be more filling.

If there prices were just a bit lower, I'd be inclined to go again.

Nice and helpful staff.

2014 May 1
"ill advised" in that people (at least in my office) had no problem getting a sandwich from danni panini a few times a week, but no way would they eat a burger more than once a week, if that. i'm sure that's what killed that business.

the variety of the beechbone vs beech st burger will be the difference (not to mention the muscle Whalesbone has to change things if needed). Hot sandwich, cold sandwich, fish and chips, chowder - all a lot better choices than a burger or hot dog, especially if you wanted to go more than once a week.

2014 May 1
"an ill-advised burger joint"?
I don't see a big difference between selling fried fish vs selling fried beef burgers. I was a big fan of Beech St, it was open beyond lunch hours and there was always someone there when I was picking up food.

Regardless, I do hope this restaurant makes it in a spot that has seen high turnover.

The Kent st location has the addition of the fish shop.

2014 May 1
The Beechbone opened last week. They serve most if not all of the same prepared dishes available at the Kent St location such as sandwiches, po boys, fish and chips, chowder... They have a small selection of drinks including Harvey and Vern's sodas.

Inside is very nice; long, low counter and a few tables for eating-in. I'm guessing it would seat 10-12 maybe? There's space outside if they wanted to add a couple tables there.

Staff was friendly. There were two guys working when I went it, one I recognized from the previous tenant, an ill-advised burger joint.

Food was the same as the Kent St location: fresh, tasty, small-ish serving size and expensive. $8 for a cod sandwich, but you can add an additional 2 ounces of fish and I think it goes up to $11.

Good to have more variety in the neighbourhood.

They are open Monday - Friday 11-2:30 according to a twitter post this morning.