Where to get Muhammara Dip


2009 Jun 7
The Mid-East Food Centre is making and selling Mouhamara under their in-house brand name, Njaim. It's a well-known middle eastern red pepper dip thickened with walnuts and flavoured with pomegranate molasses. Their mouhamara is absolutely delicious - bold flavours, sweet and sour, with a not insignificant amount of hot chili pepper. I love it served with their Iranian Persian Bread (a 2 foot long flatbread flavoured with sesame seeds) and their Babaganouge (Eggplant Dip) which tames the heat of the Mouhamara.
Mouhamara - if you haven't tried it it is a must-try as far as I'm concerned. The Njaim's Mouhamara is every bit as good as my homemade muhammara.