These are a cross between a croissant and a cinammon roll.

Morning buns are made with croissant dough that's light, flaky, and extremely buttery, rather than a chewier, more bread-like dough. They are sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, occasionally orange zest, and peel apart in delicate, fluffy layers.

Where to get Morning Buns


2013 Jan 12
I agree that these are great. A nice lemon/orange peel taste mixed in with the sugar is really nice. These are a kind of hard-baked flaky bun. It's hard to describe.

NOTE: Do not eat in your car because you will get pieces and sugar all over everything. This is how you get ants. Do you want ants? No. Eat it carefully over a napkin. Then dispose of the napkin. Lick your lips, enjoy the rest of your coffee. You will still have coffee left because this bun will take all of your concentration.

2013 Jan 12
These are evil, in a good way. Massively delicious and oh so bad for you. Between that and the lemon squares, my willpower fails me every time.

2010 Apr 6
I had only heard of these in passing before visiting Bridgehead this morning. I thought I would give them a, I was impressed.

They peel apart in fluffy layers, and are sweet and spicy with a bit of citrus kick.

I might have to up my cardio training to make up for these...on the other hand, they are smaller than the croissants.