Beaver River I.P. Eh? - A seasonal beer from Beau's available Summer 2009.

Inspired by the Beaver River (rivière Castor), which connects Ottawa to many communities to the East, this IPA is designed to appeal to Hop Heads. Taking the malt and yeast profile of a traditional British style India Pale Ale and adding an American-style citrusy punch, our Beaver River is both assertive and drinkable. Beaver River is brewed with local spring water and the ingredients are 100% certified organic. As per the Beau's Website

Beaver River I.P. Eh? at Beau's
Where to get Beaver River I.P. Eh?

2009 Jun 1
Awesome! Had it on Friday night at Pub Italia and it was certianly rather tasty, and a very distinct flavour from their Lug Tread. Sort of mind boggling, the cross between the Pale Ale and the lemony-citrusy flavours. Can't wait to try some again!!



2011 May 2
Finally got to try this beer out. Wow that is hoppy. They are not kidding when they say it's for all you hop heads out there. I had to head to the Westboro LCBO to find this beer. It is being sold as singles. Strong beer but the citrus eluded my taste buds. I should have got a couple not sure how much longer you can get them. There were not that many left and I could not find any at the Bank and Walkley LCBO.

2009 Apr 22
This is Beaus first truly organic beer... and they are extremely proud of being able to market it as such (Certified Organic Malts & Eastern Ontario Spring Water).

The release is schedule for Friday, April 24, 2009 and according to Canadian Beer News this Seasonal Beer will be available in bottles at the Brewery and on tap at various locations around Eastern Ontario including Play, Pub Italia & The Cheshire Cat. The beer will have a limited time availability until the Summer Solstice (June 21st) at which time a new seasonal brew will be rolled out.