Foods from Troquet (Le)

2011 Jul 30
a fantastic secret, please don't advertise.

come in quietly, enjoy a port or cafe while soaking in the local culture.

The deserts never disappoint, and fresh soup and baguette sandwiches are refreshingly simple and pleasant.

They have a fine port list and a date who can not appreciate this venue, should be left. But do return to Troquet and reflect, perhaps while penning a poem.

2011 May 29
Delicious pastas, cakes and coffee, and any place that serves St Ambroise Abricot gets thumbs up from me! The atmosphere is very relaxed; along the lines of an artsy student hangout. It's been a while since I've been there; does anyone know if Andrei Krylov (the classical / flamenco guitarist) still plays there on Sunday nights?

2009 Jul 6
Solid little pub/bistro in the Hull sector of Gatineau (on rue Laval).

Came over with friends on Saturday night for coffee and things (things = cake).

The service was prompt for ordering, but not for leaving.

The cakes were good...(I don't like comparing vendors in my reviews, but honestly it's better than a certain place in the market that everyone flocks to now a days).

The coffee was delightful.

I also hear that their nibblies and beers are quite solid.

My only qualm with this place is that it's in Quebec and thus you can smoke (or at least, the smokers on the patio were annoying).

2007 Feb 17
Review (in French):

2007 Oct 2
There is a little bistro over here in Hull (near Portage) called "Le Troquet" which has amazing fresh and inexpensive food, a great beer selection (with a 2 for $5 happy hour deal on Boreal beer) and they also have real unsweetened iced tea. I order it everytime I go there for lunch and everytime the waitress says "Just to let you know it's real unsweetened ice tea" and I say "Perfect!".

Great little place to pop over to on the weekend for a sit on the patio and have some good food and beers.