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2009 Jul 12
Thank-you Lynda, i am still finding my way. I am learning so much about what must seem obvious to so many others. It humbles me; I really feel like a peasnt farmer-lol

2009 Feb 6
Hey Lynda, I onlyt check this site occasionally so I only just got your message about the Midwinter Feast. It sounded great. Alas, I missed it.

2008 Feb 18
Hey, yah I got your message.
Im at UofO doing a 4yr psych degree... I sort of stumbled upon foodies when I was summer job hunting.
Im looking for something like a 9-5 full time in the summer. I applied to some City of Ottawa jobs yesterday but I'm never sure on how they'll work out.
What does the grant program involve? It sounds interesting already.
If you want you can e-mail me at sarah@harringtons.ca
thanks for the for-thought, it's very appreciated!